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Grow Through Kinesiology

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Grow Through Kinesiology
Kinesiology has the ability to bring imbalances of body and mind back into alignment.

Grow Through Kinesiology - Kinesiology

What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is a natural therapy that uses energy medicine to improve individual healing on a number of different levels. Everything is made up of energy and the dynamic basis for the physical body which consists of both electromagnetic energy and the more subtle energy systems such as Chakra as utilised in Yoga and the meridians as utilised by acupuncturists. The state of those energies is ultimately reflected in the health of the physical body.  

By bringing harmony and balance to your energy body you can reduce the impacts of stress that may relate to finances, work, health, relationships, inherited patterns, learning difficulties, specific events/situations, toxins, emotional and mental stress, physical issues and injuries or any type of illness. When one or more of our body’s energy systems contain blockages, we are out of balance, or not in harmony with one another. Our body is unable to function at its optimal level.

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