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Guided Health

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Guided Health specialises in clinical nutrition, focusing on the connection between the ‘Gut’ and ‘Brain’ using natural treatments, complementary and alternative medicine to correct imbalances for individuals suffering from digestive complaints and mood disorders such as sleep disturbances, stress, anxiety and depression.

A clinical nutritionist uses nutritional medicine (food, diet and supplements) to assist these clients in maintaining balance and optimal health. A healthy nervous system is NOT free from instability (like stress, anxiety, depression or insomnia), a healthy nervous system responds to instability in a healthy and functional way so it integrates life experiences, which enables growth, evolution amd transformation.


The digestive system itself is a centre point of our nervous system. A malfunction digestive system can cause problems for the nervous system and vice a versa.


Guided Health Services

Guided Health applies Clinical Nutrition to address digestive and mood related disorders by creating a more efficient and better functioning connection between the brain and the gastrointestinal system (GUT).

Chat face to face at Guided Health’s office location. With personalised treatments and scientifically sound advice, Guided Health’s qualified practitioner will help you reach your optimal health.

The ‘Gut-Brain-Connection’, works with you to ensure efficient functioning of both your gastrointestinal system and nervous system. This can help with mood related disorders and digestive complaints.

Neurofeedback is the latest technology in computerised brain training. Just like you can train your muscles to become stronger, you can train your brain to be fitter, more efficient, flexible and stable.

Integrated Treatment Programs
Guided Health’s integrated treatment programs uses multiple therapies such as Nutritional Medicine, neurofeedback, functional pathology testing and iridology to ensure optimal treatment outcomes.

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