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Marco D'Angelo

Marco D'Angelo (also trading as Guiding Star Healing)

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Dedicated to Education and Empowerment with Integrity.Is pain and discomfort stopping you from getting the most out of your day?Are daily stresses overwhelming and hindering you from achieving goals?

D'Angelo Institute (also trading as Guiding Star Healing)

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Maribyrnong, Victoria

Focus areas

Relaxation Wellness Circulation Headaches Health goals Natural medicine


Services ranging from Remedial Massage/ Myotherapy, Results (Life) Coaching and educational courses we can; together, work from multiple perspectives connecting the mental, emotional and physical aspects of health and wellbeing.

With ongoing support to keep you informed and on track with your own self healing.

Why wait, the most important and valuable investment you can make is the one that improves your quality of life.

Remedial Massage/ Myotherapy:

Helps the body to function at its optimum level by targeting muscle tension, improving range of motion, injury management, restoring posture and relieving aches and pain. Utilising a variety of techniques such as Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release, M.E.T (Muscle Energy Technique), Mobilising, Transverse Friction, Stretching, Cupping and much more. Viewing the body as a whole to take into account the cause of the issue presented and implementing ways of correcting it. Sports specific issues may be resolved with post treatment regimen given.

Helps with: Postural issues, Sports and general injuries, Muscle aches and tension, Joint pain and range of motion, Headaches, Back pain and much more.

Interlinking Method™:

The Interlinking Method™ is a technique that has been developed and refined for almost 13 years by Marco D’Angelo.

A two pronged approach dealing with and balancing mental and emotional states and there consequences on the body.

The theory component helps balance unhealthy perceptions and perspectives, while the palpation component eases the physical consequences of these perceptions, reducing stress and tension allowing you to enter a state of ease and relaxation.

Educational Courses

Master Practitioners Post Graduate Remedial Massage courses.

In an industry that is continually changing, building and sustaining a solid foundation of clients is challenging. These courses will make an impact in providing the best results to help clients reach their goals on the sporting field and the workplace. The D’ANGELO INSTITUTE™ Master Practitioners courses are designed to assist you in making a difference to your client’s treatment outcomes by focusing on intrinsic aspects of the body in regards to posture, stretching and mobilisation.

Topics of

    • Static Postural Assessment.

    • Intrinsic Static Stretching.

    • Intrinsic Passive and P.N.F Stretching.

    • Mobilisation.

Massage Association accredited.

To Self Development Topics.

The 3P’s to Corporate Success: People, Performance and Productivity.

There is an increasing void between management and staff with open dialogue and team work at an all time low. Studies conducted in 2013, show that stress related leave cost industry $10 Billion negatively affecting team morale and placing organisations productivity and financial goals in disarray.

At the D’ANGELO INSTITUTE™ we work with you and your team from the inside out, actively communicating and implementing processes that open dialogue creating cohesion within the team.

Providing workbooks that answer the teams own personal and professional issues, bridging the void of miscommunication and conflict to increase productivity.

This body of work is for people and organisations that are willing to set aside old paradigms of work and workplace relationships having an open minded approach to creating success and a workplace congruent to great team work and customer service.


    • Leadership.

    • Communication.

    • Body Language.

    • Building a good team.

    • Know who your best performers are.

    • How to get that promotion or pay rise.

And more……

The Visionaries, See, Plan, And Create - Your Life Your Way!

As a society, and individually, we have an innate desire to grow and achieve more. No one wakes up in the morning and wishes they can create and achieve less than their current results. Do you have unfulfilled New Year’s resolutions, fear and doubt of your ability to achieve goals you have created that seem just out of reach regardless how hard you try?

The D’ANGELO INSTITUTE™ Visionaries course has been created to help set you free and discover the possibilities and answers to achieve true wellness, happiness and living fully with practical down to earth methods.

This course is for people who are willing to set aside old belief systems and challenge themselves to create new paradigms of thought, and reach ever greater heights of success.


    • Mind Mapping.

    • Paradigm shifting.

    • Vision board creating.

    • Action planning.

And even more covered AND more courses to be introduced in the coming months.

Results Coaching

Need guidance and support to break through your current glass ceiling?

People seem to be working longer hours, juggling more tasks and struggling to have the work-life balance they want, feeling less appreciated and missing the quality of life they desire. This creates more stress and strains the cherished relationships in life that are most important to them.

By knowing exactly what your current results and issues are and knowing where you want to be in all areas of your life, we work together; from the inside out to breakthrough old paradigms and outdated beliefs. Receiving the support and planning you require, you will reach higher and go further than you ever have before. With one on one coaching and unlimited email support, this will be your new reality. It all comes down to you taking the first step.

Results coaching is for people who wish to make real changes in their lives and challenge themselves to be and do more; to feel the fear and do it anyway, to reach their true potential by taking responsibility for their lives up to this point in time.

Create a tailored Results Coaching package.

Learn the messages the body is sending you about the stresses in your life.

Formulate a plan of action that balances the body and mind to get the results and wellbeing you desire with ongoing support to keep you accountable and on track.

As a Results Coaching client, you will be eligible for discounts to all courses held by the D’ANGELO INSTITUTE™ to further your chances of success in all areas of your life.


Tired of the usual speakers who seem to regurgitate the same old speeches?

Want to hear some fresh perspectives that challenge the norm in a collaborative open atmosphere?

Book me for your next speaking event and I will cater an interactive talk for your needs on the topics of:

Bullying - Studies show that there is more bullying and physical violence now than ever before, so the war on bullying is being lost. I share a different and educational way of understanding and dealing with bullying by defining the bully and victim, what our responsibilities are with duty of care and how to deal with it. We cannot understand how and why people bully others until we understand how and why someone becomes the victim of bullying.

Stress - comes in many forms and is the result of belief systems that have been culminating over a life time. Studies conducted in 2013 show that stress related leave cost industry $10Billion. This is only looking at work related stress not including social, family, financial, physical or intimate relationships. If all these areas of life were to be considered not only would the financial cost be much greater but the cost and effects on health and quality of life for you and your loved ones would also be affected adversely. An informed look at stress from perceptions to the physical effects will be covered with more of an understanding of why it happens and how to minimise its effects.

Leadership and Communication - True leadership comes from experience and an open minded approach to communication. How colleagues feel they are viewed and how they contribute to the organisation or club is the main factor of the quality of leadership and communication that is being used. If colleagues are under performing a review of methods and culture are necessary to remedy the issues. Covering points of, how to get the best from your staff, communicate with understanding and authority, body language and more can give you the basic tools to be the difference in your sphere of influence.

Health and Wellbeing - Health can be affected by a myriad of reasons from many areas of life. How we feel the perceptions we have and the physical consequences are too numerous to mention and can have serious repercussions to health and wellbeing. There are more diseases and illnesses than ever before and even more medicines that claim to be the answer to all ills. By viewing the interconnectedness of the emotional, mental and physical aspects of life we create an informed multiple perspective approach to life and the intricacy of health and wellbeing. We discuss down to earth practical methods to create balance and homeostasis in regards to health and wellbeing with an unbiased point of view of how a myriad of healing modalities can assist in reaching health goals from western medicine to natural medicine and most things in between.

Relationships - Media constantly tells of stories of domestic and social violence, divorce rates rising and unhealthy home environments that adversely affect the family unit. Relationships come in all shapes and sizes and each require a unique method to grow and thrive. From intimate to friendships to family and workplace, understanding the methods of communication, body language and why people act out as they do will assist on how certain situations can be better dealt with. By approaching this topic with an unbiased perspective we discuss understanding how to empower yourself so to minimise being caught up in someone else’s drama’s and limited views of the world around them. This will enable you to stand in your own strength and create loving, healthy relationships in all areas of your life by knowing where you fit and how to conduct yourself in any situation and know when you need to walk away.

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