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Hair and Scalp Solutions

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Hair and Scalp Solutions

About Us

Hair is a highly sensitive indicator of the external and internal environment within our bodies. Hair loss is something that can come on suddenly or it can come on slowly. It is not unusual to have more than one condition at the one time.

The impact of issues to do with our hair and scalp can affect our physical, emotional, and physiological wellbeing and they should not be underestimated. It is not uncommon for this to translate to anxiety and for people to withdraw from social settings, this can be due to a lack of self-esteem or a concern that they are unable to hide their issue.

Our Philosophy

Hair and Scalp Solutions philosophy is to achieve the best results possible for you based on your specific requirements. I am committed to helping you by providing relevant and accurate information. We strive to provide the most professional service in a manner that is customer friendly and effective. The knowledge and experience gained from working in the hair loss industry for more than 25 years, including the benefits from studying Trichology, enables us to assess all hair and scalp issues utilising a multi-faceted approach.

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