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Hair and Scalp Solutions

Ann-Maree McKinney-Moss
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Hair & scalp concern can be a sensitive issue, we agree because sometimes people do not want to accept their issues for themselves or for others.

Certified Trichologists and Hair & Scalp Specialists

Hair and Scalp Specialty: Hair Loss Treatment 

Within our bodies, hair is a highly reactive measure of the inner and outer environment. Loss of hair can be abrupt or overtime may become noticeable slowly. More than one disorder is not rare at a time.

Trichology specialises in all hair and scalp issues. In order to promote recovery and development, the clinic adopts a holistic approach to the treatment of the hair and scalp. The treatment type given would focus on a specific problem. This may include lifestyle improvements, environmental assessment, and the effects of other health problems.

There should never be any undervalued influence of hair and scalp on our mental and psychological well-being. It is not surprising when people cause anxiety and flee socially, because of a lack of self-esteem or fear, they cannot conceal their dilemma. The pace at which this affects our lives may differ and people, women, and children of all ages can suffer. 

Our Culture 

The principle of Hair and Scalp Solutions is to achieve the best performance for you according to the specifications. I can support you with correct and relevant details. The company is confident of professional advice, helpful customer support and realistic expectations to help you achieve your objectives and maximise your overall well-being. 

I am willing to use a multi-faceted method to analyse both hair and scalp conditions based on experience acquired by practicing for 23 years in the hair loss business and the wide-ranging knowledge gained through a review in Trichology.

Throughout my research on hair restoration, I developed a broad view of hair and scalp issues. That, in effect, has introduced me to the area of trichology, my hair and scalp research - the relationship that is missing.

My mission is to provide you with tailor-made counselling, health, lifestyle and preparation for future success.

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