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Apr 2016

Hall Natural Therapies

Contact Name Anita Kilby
Phone 02 6230 9630
Mobile 0411 494 630
Address Lochleigh
1255 Barton Hwy
Servicing Areas Hall, Canberra , ACT

 Anita is a naturopath with special interest in women’s hormonal health and the prevention of Alzheimer’s dementia.

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Women’s health issues of particular interest include balancing young women’s hormones to set them up for a healthy reproductive system for life, PCOS, and hormone imbalances in 40+ year olds (eg excessive bleeding, PMS).

Alzheimer’s dementia incidence is rapidly increasing but there is little medicine can currently offer to treat or prevent it. Faced with the increased risk of Alzheimer’s herself, Anita is working on reducing the risk through lifestyle, diet, and other factors research is indicating might be implicated.

What is Naturopathy

Naturopathy is holistic natural health care, based on scientific evidence and traditional herbal medicine. We aim to bring the body’s systems back into their natural balance to achieve lasting symptom reduction and disease prevention.

Using improvements to your diet, exercise, lifestyle, and stress management techniques, supported by herbal medicine, appropriate supplements and testing, naturopaths aim to identify the underlying factors that are holding your body back from achieving optimal health.

Diet is a fundamental factor in our health. Food is not just nutrition for the body it is also information for the body. The relatively new science of epigenetics is telling us that what we consume affects how our genes are expressed. Our food choices could be inadvertently turning on the genes that cause many of our diseases. Changing the diet can be challenging but taken in small steps it is definitely achievable. Understanding why its necessary provides the motivation to make the changes, it is not all about will power.

Naturopathy works alongside your Doctor’s care, providing a truly complementary health care approach. Careful assessment of all treatment options is undertaken to ensuring there are no adverse interactions with any medications you may be taking.

About Anita

Natural medicine is a long time interest of Anita’s. After being a full time mum to her 2 sons for most of their childhood, and lacking interest in returning to accounting work, Anita was looking for a new career direction, something practical and useful. Having experienced the benefits of a naturopathic approach for her sons early health issues with wheat, naturopathy stood out as a challenging, stimulating and rewarding second career. More about that on the website.

Since obtaining her qualification Anita continues to keep abreast of new research by regularly attending seminars, webinars and conferences. Anita enrolled in 2015 in the Herbal Medicine for Women course run by one of America’s leading integrative women’s health doctors, Aviva Romm. But life got in the way (declining health of her mother), so that was put on the backburner until mid 2016. There’s only so much you can fit in at a time!

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Qualification Details

Advance Diploma of Naturopathy
Member of ANTA (Australian Natural Therapists Association)

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