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Sound Healing And Vibrational Therapies

Harmonic Essence

I work with sounds and vibrations to help people heal and transform their lives.

Creating soundscapes and sound journeys to facilitate deep inner peace, healing and connectedness. Every single thing in our universe is a form of energy or vibration. Everything, down to even each of the 50+ trillion cells in our bodies, are vibrating at specific frequencies. Music and sound are powerful tools to guide us into a place of peace and harmony and helps to induce healing. Humans are electrical beings, our frequencies and energies are constantly being bombarded by outside influences such as a saturation of other electrical devices, wireless signals, electromagnetic frequencies, other people’s energies, media etc. Sound and vibration therapies are a way to balance our energies, our vibrations, our emotions, and re-set. And ultimately, and ancient and proven from of healing.

Services Include:

Sound Baths - Public and Private. 

Bowl Therapy - Tibetan Singing Bowls and Quartz Crystal Bowls played on and off the body and surrounding the body. Creating a peaceful and soothing, yet extremely powerful healing experience.

Sonic Massage - Playing Tibetan Singing Bowls with mallets along muscles. An amazing and unique healing experience.

Gong Therapy - Large mounted Paiste gongs at both ends of the body and hand gongs played over the body. The gongs have an almost magical ability to send you on an amazing healing journey that's hard to fathom. Gongs have been used for thousands of years, and their sound is as ancient as it is incredibly healing.

Tuning Fork Therapy - Weighted and unweighted harmonic and Solfeggio forks played on and off the body. Tuning forks are specialists in balancing our energies. A soothing and energizing healing experience.

Healing Drums and Grounding Instrument Therapy - The healing drums and grounding instruments have a primal and tribal lure to them. They have the ability to entrance the mind, entice the mind to find the answers, and ground you on the journey back. The grounding instruments are generally used at the end of all sessions.

 All of the above can be done exclusively or in tandem with other treatments - it's up to you.

Sound Bath dates and venues are varied - check the website for details. Booking a Sound Bath is via the below also.

Private sessions are by appointment only. Bookings can be made via FB Messenger or via phone or text to 0400 601 747.

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