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Harmonic Spheres - Hypnosis NLP & PSYCH-K for Anxiety/Phobias/Fears Quit Smoking Weight-Loss Boosting Motivation/Confidence & more. Q&A below.

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Office Session Times available: Monday- Friday, 9:30am - 4:00pm. After hours or Saturday sessions available for In-home sessions only. All sessions by appointment only.

Hi, I’m Darren Andrews, the founder of Harmonic Spheres.

I am certified to use Hypnotherapy, NLP and Psych-K for reducing anxiety, phobia/fear removal, quitting smoking, weight loss, boosting motivation/confidence and much more.

For many years, I have been interested in the correlation between the mind and the body. I have been practising using the mind to assist in healing the body faster for well over 20 years. After being employed for 15 years without a single sick day, I knew there was more to uncover as to why some people seemed prone to illness, whilst others were not. After several years of researching and exploring the connection between the two, it became clear that not only can our minds control our reality, they can also be used to assist our bodies to heal faster.

In 2007, I began studying alternative therapies. Through my studies, I learnt that there were numerous methods that can be used to assist people improve the quality of their life by working on their limiting beliefs.

On my site, you’ll find reviews from some of my previous clients. When you read these reviews, it’s important to keep in mind that prior to seeing me, a few of my clients had unsuccessfully tried several sessions with professional people using mainstream teachings.

It’s with great pleasure I offer several powerful techniques to help assist with your wellbeing if you should decide to invest in You. After all, you are the most important person to invest in, aren’t you?

Q&A – Most common Questions

Q1 – How many sessions will I need and what’s the chance of success?

Answer: Some clients only require one session, whilst others require several. At least 50% of weight loss and quit smoking clients experience positive changes after only one session. At least 90% of phobia/fear removal clients reduce their anxiety by at least half in a longer session. Clients who have random anxiety or unknown anxiety should research gut health, as not all anxiety is in the mind or related to life situations, and therefore I would not recommend booking in a session just for this, rather a health coach session/s, which I am also a certified integrative nutritional health coach, and can coach you through lifestyle recommendations to improve health which can improve anxiety and depression.

Q2 – Can I claim your services through my private health cover?

Answer: Most health care providers do not cover these services and those that do impose restrictions. For example, hypnotherapy can be claimed for quit smoking but not for weight loss. Because of the limitiations and lack of consensus between providers, I made a personal decision not to deal with health care providers. Keep in mind also, hypnosis is for people that are self-responsible and really want to make a change, and doing a session based on a rebate only, is not a good sign that you want to change.

Q3 How much do you charge for a session?

Answer: My fees can be located in the above payment section or on the first post of my facebook page.

Q4 – How long is a session and how do I book?

Answer: The standard basic session length is for 60 minutes, however the longer seesion is more beneficial. Just give me a couple of session times that suite you and I can typically book you in within 7 days. For fear or anxiety, it is highly recommended to do the longer session for best results. You can go to my facebook page by clicking on the facebook link above and sending me a PM. You can also click on the enquiry tab at the top or bottom of this page, or call my mobile on 0412 650 520.

Q5 – Is there anything I have to know before my session?

Answer: Just get a good nights rest and wear comfortable clothing to your session. Staying up until 3:00am and arriving intoxicated is probably not a good idea. I will let you know of any other important details when you make a booking.

Q6- Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Answer: No, however if you truly believe that you have not received at least a satisfactory service from me, let me know your reasons and we will discuss the situation and work towards a positive outcome. I aim to give my full expertise and attention during a session, however this does not guarantee a positive outcome. There are times that clients don’t receive noticeable shifts until the third or fourth session. The good news is that more than 50% of clients receive a positive result in one session.

Q7- Can you send me more information?

Answer: Please be more specific, as if I send you everything about what I do, it would take you more than a year to read. You do NOT have to know anything or obtain any information for a session that I wouldn’t tell you about when you book a session. Typically, if one just wants general information and nothing specific, it’s normally a subconscious habit of finding flaws to create negative excuses not to do work on themselves but satisfaction that they tried. Much similar to the person that purchases personal growth books but either never reads them fully or puts them into practice.

Q8 Can I do this work if I am on medication and are there any risks?

Answer: Please speak to your GP if you are concerned. These therapies are extremely low risk and I have not seen any direct consequences, however medication can interfere with the overall effectiveness of these therapies and therefore you may require more sessions.

Q9 Can Hypnotherapy have negative affects?

Answer: Not directly, however more sessions may be required if another habit presents to replace the old one. E.g. If someone stopped smoking and replaced this with overeating, then more sessions should be done until the underlying problem is solved.

Q10 Which technique do I use?

Answer: It is easier if you leave that to me. Normally I use Hypnosis for weight Loss & quit Smoking, Psych-k or NLP for anxiety, phobias, and confidence, however sometimes I use multiple techniques.

Q11 Can you make me do anything that I don’t want to do?

Answer: NO, I use clinical Hypnosis, not stage show hypnosis. You will hear everything and be in full control. All other techniques that I use, you will remain fully aware.

Q12 Do all therapists achieve the same results?

Answer: NO, the reviews I have received is work done through myself only and I can’t speak for any other therapists. . It’s like most fields, do all plumbers, builders, GP’s offer the same level of customer satisfaction? From speaking to other therapists, I’m on par with other great therapists with quit smoking & weight loss, however I don’t know of many achieving the same results as myself for phobia removal as I combine techniques.

Q13 Are these therapies for everyone?

Answer: Yes, you don’t have to be experiencing major difficulties to request therapy. These therapies can be used for successful people that want to improve their life. You could be a major business executive that wants to rid a fear of public speaking or a salesman that wants to increase their sales performance. The list is endless with how beliefs can assist with your goals.

if you have concerns with any current medical conditions, please consult with your medicial professional first

Q14 What if my question is not on this list?

Answer: Feel free to give me a call. Darren Andrews Mobile 0412 650 520. If I am not available, I will return your call.

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