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Do you have a specific health issue that needs addressing? Do you want to improve your overall health and wellbeing? Would you like to be empowered and learn how to assist yourself in achieving your health goals? Then wellness coaching with Fiona may be what you have been looking for. With over 30 years of clinical experience and a wide skill set, Fiona is passionate about health and healing and uses her knowledge and skills to assist and guide her clients on their journey to good health and wellness. 

Contact Fiona and mention Natural Therapy Pages for a free 15-minute consultation to discuss your specific needs and whether she is the right practitioner for you. 

Acupuncture and Acupressure

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All areas online via secure telehealth consultations.

Focus areas

Self-care coaching Health & wellness Stress management Fatigue Pain relief Pain management

What Is Acupuncture/Acupressure?

Acupuncture originated in China and has existed for thousands of years.  It involves the use of very fine needles to stimulate particular points or acupuncture points located on specific areas of the body.

Acupressure is the application of pressure or localised massage to the acupuncture points. This is a fantastic tool to be able to teach clients techniques with which to empower themselves on their healing journey.


Traditional Chinese Acupuncture

Traditional Chinese Acupuncture is the most well known style of Acupuncture and involves the insertion of very fine filiform needles into the body at very specific points along the energy channels or meridians.

Japanese Style Acupuncture

The roots of Japanese Acupuncture lie in the Chinese Acupuncture Classics, some texts being over 2000 years old. Over time, Japanese practitioners have developed and refined their techniques and several different styles have emerged.  The following two styles are used by Fiona.


Toyohari is a refined system of Japanese meridian therapy. It is different from most other forms of Acupuncture in that it uses more delicate and specific treatment methods, placing great emphasis on the use of the practitioners’ pulse diagnosis and palpation skills to diagnose and continually assess the effects of the treatment during the session.  One notable difference is that the majority of needles are non-inserted as the acupuncture point is being stimulated at the surface of the body.  This is an added bonus for babies and children and for those who are sensitive or needle phobic. 

Manaka Protocols

Dr. Yoshio Manaka developed a style of Japanese Acupuncture based on the eight extraordinary meridians.   He developed specific treatment techniques involving palpation of the abdomen for diagnosis and the use of Manaka Ion Pumping Cords for treatment.


Moxibustion - heat generated by the burning of a herb from the Mugwort plant on or near the skin (non-scarring).

Cupping – the process of placing suction cups on the skin.

Massage – manual stimulation of the meridians and acupoints.

Who can have acupuncture treatment?

Acupuncture treatment is suitable for anyone to receive.  The gentle techniques utilized in the Japanese styles of treatment make it particularly good for children and babies and anyone who is needle phobic.

Does it hurt?

One of the aims at Harmony Acupuncture Centre is to provide gentle and nurturing treatment.  The treatment techniques used are designed to be very relaxing and comfortable to receive with the aim that the experience be pain free.

How may Acupuncture/Acupressure be of benefit to you?

For information as to whether Acupuncture/Acupressure may be of benefit to you please contact Fiona so we can discuss your individual needs and circumstances.

What to expect from an Acupuncture session with Fiona:

Your initial consultation will include the taking of a complete medical history and any relevant diet and lifestyle information followed by palpation of the forearms and lower limbs, abdomen and pulse. A diagnosis is then made and a treatment strategy is formulated followed by the relevant treatment.  After the treatment there may be some suggestions about lifestyle changes or other relevant techniques the client can do at home to enhance their healing.  If appropriate, an Australian Bush Flower essence may also be prescribed.

How many treatments do I need?

The number of treatments required varies greatly depending on many factors including the overall health of the client and the chronicity of the problem and the client’s health goals.  Once an assessment is made a more accurate prognosis can be made.


2 Services

Wellness Coaching via Telehealth

Acupressure Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Flower Essences Wellness Coaching Wellness Coaching Online Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Online Flower Essences Online
$85 Per session

Wellness coaching sessions empower you by teaching you acupressure points and giving you dietary, lifestyle and exercise advice from a Chinese Medicine perspective. Australian Bush Flower Essences may also be prescribed to address any emotional issues an

Acupressure and Chinese Medicine advice via telehealth

Acupressure Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Wellness Coaching Online
$85 Per session

Empower yourself by learning techniques you can do at home to manage and improve your health and wellness

Business Hours

We're open 4 days.


9:00 am To 6:00 pm


12:00 pm To 3:00 pm


9:00 am To 6:00 pm


9:00 am To 5:00 pm


  • Graduate Diploma In Clinical Acupuncture
  • Certificate In Manaka's Protocols
  • Certificate In Toyohari

Professional Membership

  • AACMA - Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association
  • Chinese Medicine Board of Australia

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