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Harmony Within

Simone Blaikie
Harmony Within

I have lived my life as a healer, spiritual leader and seeker of truth for over twenty years.

Harmony Within - About

Freedom Within

Rise to a paradise in a safe and safe place
Where dance is rhythmic, massage made to suit the needs of your body and to create a profound sense of God's freedom and peace.
With the incredibe strength of hot stones, the knowledge of the flower essences, the frequency shifting with my voice sound-saving, the soothing touch of a Lomi Lomi-style massage and the intuitive exploration of self consciousness at many stages, it is a journey to your core essence.
An intuitive card reading offers an insight into every area of your life.

Harmony Within

I give you a true experience of mind, body and soul that can take you to a different world. A unique and powerful mix of a deep level of change mental, emotionally and physically, including the therapeutic massage, hot stones, energy healing, floral and crystal treatments, and soothing sounds from my mouth.

Amplify Within

Explore your magic mind and encourage me to lead you on a path to make your heart's wishes alter. This therapy incorporates sound healing, a guided journey, and the application of crystal and flora in order to connect yourself more deeply with the inner self.  It's a magical way in which old habits, convictions and old memories are released and feelings of calmness, inner strength, strength, self-confidence, self-love, clarity and peace are enhanced.

Amplify your Frequency

I believe the body has its own communication network and a barometer of the soul. I and our customers need to recognize and perceive the program in order to achieve "Harmony Within."

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Harmony Within - About