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Harmony Natural Therapies

Leanne Minkowski

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Harmony Natural Therapies


Harmony Natural Therapies is focused on providing quality services that are tailored specifically to your individual requirements.

Harmony Natural Therapies


Welcome to Harmony Natural Therapies


Harmony Natural Therapies is focused on providing quality services that are tailored specifically to your individual requirements.

Special focus is paid on treating holistically with attention to health awareness, education and prevention.



Massage is fantastic for those just wanting to unwind or have specific complaints such as upper & lower back pain, injuries, headaches addressed. Each massage is tailored to your individual requirements. Aromatherapy oils are used to enhance your massage experience.

Types of massage available include; Relaxation, Remedial or Pregnancy

½ Hour $50
¾ Hour $65
1 Hour $75
1 ½ Hour $105


Hot Stone Massage

Experience total relaxation whilst being massaged with heated volcanic stones and warm coconut oil with Ylang Ylang and Lime. Hot Stone Massage combines the benefits of massage with those that arise from the healing and soothing qualities of warmth.

1 Hour $95
1 ½ Hour $115




Chinese Acupuncture uses safe, disposable and sterile one-use needles to stimulate energy (Qi) at over 600 points along twelve main channels and 8 secondary channels. When the energy in the channels becomes unbalanced, the body is unable to perform effectively. By needling points specific for your imbalance, acupuncture realigns the energy to alleviate pain & restore vitality. A tailored treatment is performed using techniques such as moxa, electro & cupping.

Initial Consultation $75
Follow-up Consultations $65


Worried about the needles??? Simple, try our NEEDLE FREE alternative that uses LASER ACUPUNCTURE to stimulate the acupuncture points instead!!



Naturopathy is about balance and health. When things become imbalanced, illness and fatigue can occur. Naturopathy focuses not only on supporting your body’s own healing abilities by working with the diet and addressing any dietary weaknesses through education. Supplementation with minerals, vitamins and herbal remedies help to support the body’s own healing abilities may also be used.

Initial Consultation $75
Follow-up consultations $60



About Harmony Natural Therapies


Harmony Natural Therapies was officially launched in the beginning of 2006. We are focused on providing quality health care with a special focus on education and prevention.

Dedication to the health of its customers means Harmony Natural Therapies is constantly expanding its range of treatments. As of present, acupuncture, massage, naturopathy and other relaxation services are offered.

About the Practitioner


Leanne Smith has been practising natural therapies since 2003, specialising in acupuncture and remedial massage. In 2008 Leanne gained qualifications in naturopathy and nutrition. Working alongside many other therapists in multimodality clinics such as the Petrie’s Cottage of Natural Therapies and the Health and Wellness Clinic Australia, she has gained years of experience helping clients with their health concerns.

Areas of experience include:


    • Women's health


    • Infertility


    • Obstetrics


    • Muscular skeletal issues


    • Digestive issues such as IBS


    • Stress conditions such as anxiety and sleep disturbances

At Harmony Natural Therapies you can be assured, you are consulting with someone who is passionate about your health.

Gift certificates


Gift certificates for all available services are available upon request and are valid for four months from date of issue.

Health Funds


Health fund rebates are available for therapeutic services (acupuncture, naturopathy and massage) according to the level of coverage of your health cover. Receipts are issued following your treatment and rebates can be claimed at your local branch. Hicaps facilities are available onsite.

Opening hours


Monday 9am-5.30pm
Tuesday to Friday 9am - 7pm

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