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Harp to Heart Healing

Norma Budinski

Servicing area: Melbourne, Victoria

Harp to Heart Healing
Norma of Harp to Heart Healing provides a sacred space for Reiki, Meditation, Energetic & Intuitive Healing and SoulCollage®.

About Harp to Heart Healing

Welcome to Harp to Heart Healing

Take this moment to rest on your life's journey... imagine the sound of the healing harp weaving a tapestry of light within you and around you...calming your mind, revitalising your body and inspiring your spirit...

Modern day living can be challenging simply by balancing the responsibilities of your daily life and finding the time to nurture yourself. Sometimes, as your journey unfolds, you arrive at crossroads, face obstacles or search for meaning.

At Harp to Heart Healing, I inspire you to create the life you want and deserve... a life where you can live from a peaceful centre amidst the challenges... a life of authenticity, empowerment and joy... a life where you can experience deep levels of healing and access your inner wisdom, creativity and potential.

Let's journey together and positively transform your life!


Experience increased inner peace and empowerment even in the face of life's challenges through meditation: a powerful self-help tool for sustaining and regaining a balance of mind, body and spirit. Meditation Classes include journaling and a Meditation to the sounds of the Celtic Harp. ( Visit website for further information)


Visit Harp to Heart Healing to experience the sacred space of a Reiki Healing Session. As a channel for universal life-force energy, my focus is totally on you, allowing me to bring you deep healing in accordance with the will of your soul.

Intuitive Healing

We all experience times when we need support and guidance in life. As an Intuitive Guide, I hold a safe, supportive healing space in which I will inspire you to view the stress, worry or crisis you're experiencing as the catalyst towards a more fulfilling life. We will use inner-work, and a range of meditation techniques and processes to enable you to make sense of the challenges you're experiencing and bring about change that will transform your life.


SoulCollage® is a creative tool and process that will enabling you to access your intuition and express the many facets of your being. No prior artistic ability is required.

To see and read more about SoulCollage®, visit my SoulCollage® page.

Please visit my website for further information and announcements regarding upcoming Workshops and Retreats.

I look forward to journeying with you on your path of positive transformation!
Till then, many blessings, Norma.

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Qualification Details

Bachelor of Arts
Diploma in Education
Accredited Meditation Teacher
Accredited Reiki Teacher and Practitioner (Master Level 3)
SoulCollage® Facilitator
Accredited Certificate in Aromatic Kinesiology

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