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Harp to Heart Healing offers SoulCollage® and Meditation workshops and retreats on a regular basis. Call Norma to chat about your next healing journey.

Harp to Heart Healing - Workshops


Collage artist and psychotherapist, Seena Frost created SoulCollage® as a method of accessing your intuition. The process involves creating a deck of cards that resonate with the multi-faceted being that you are. You will be guided to choose images from magazines and other sources that appear to ‘call to you’. The images are then intuitively placed and pasted onto boards in arrangements that communicate the unique language and voice of your soul and serve to tell your on-going ‘Story’.

There are no prerequisites and no artistic ability is necessary. This process is like creating a personal deck of oracle cards, as each card eventually finds its place in one of four suits.

To see and read more, visit my SoulCollage Gallery.

If you're ready to radically love and embrace all that you are, this process is powerful and invaluable!

Please visit my website for further information and announcements regarding upcoming Workshops and Retreats.

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Qualification details

Bachelor of Arts
Diploma in Education
Accredited Meditation Teacher
Accredited Reiki Teacher and Practitioner (Master Level 3)
SoulCollage® Facilitator
Accredited Certificate in Aromatic Kinesiology

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About Harp to Heart Healing

Norma of Harp to Heart Healing provides a sacred space for Reiki, Meditation, Energetic & Intuitive Healing and SoulCollage.

Harp to Heart Healing - Meditation

Harp to Heart Healing offers a unique range of Meditation classes that include creative journalling and the soothing sounds of the harp. If you've been looking for an opportunity to explore your inner terrain, call Norma to chat about how she can help today!

Harp to Heart Healing - Reiki and Intuitive Healing

Harp to Heart Healing offers you the opportunity to indulge in the sacred vibrations of a Reiki or Intuitive healing session.

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