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Hartington Centre

24 Hartington St
Northcote VIC 3070

Hartington Centre
Providing a range of Kinesiology, Reiki Flower Essence Therapy & Hypnotherapy treatments, to people living in the greater Northcote area. Health fund rebates available

Hartington Centre - Natural Therapies

Our practitioners here at Hartington Centre provide a wide range of Energetic Work & Natural Therapy treatments. Suitable for people of all ages to benefit from, each of our treatments can be tailored to your individual needs allowing you to return to your best health.

One or a combination of techniques can be used, with our practitioners taking your personal needs and preferences into consideration when creating your treatment. Still not sure if a consultation and treatment at Hartington Centre is right for you? Then just give us a call on the number below to talk to one of our practitioners instantly and discover the benefits for yourself.


Call us on 03 9482 1888 to organise your next Energetic Healing session


Which Energetic Treatment Is Right For Your Needs?

Used to treat a wide range of physical ailments, this natural therapy is gentle enough to be used by people of all ages - even Children and the Elderly. Combining a range of gentle manual muscle testing and monitoring techniques, our practitioners can find the root cause of your issue and then effectively heal it.

This highly and effective healing system can be used by individuals of all ages who wish to improve their overall health & wellbeing. By restoring balance to your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self, our practitioners can help you to bring your body back to its best health. Used to treat physical conditions that aren't suitable to be treated with other natural therapies, why not give us a call today and discover the benefits for yourself.

Flower Essence Therapy:
A form of vibrational energy similar to homeopathy, this therapy can be used to address a range of physical and emotional issues. By creating emotional balance and support, these personalised remedies can be used by people of all ages who are looking to boost their overall wellbeing.

A range of different techniques and skills can be used during your hypnotherapy appointment, with our practitioner aiming to help you change a range of negative behaviours. Perfect for people who are dealing with addictions, weight loss or self-esteem issues, our practitioner can tailor a hypnotherapy session to meet your personal needs and goals.

A range of Emotional Freedom, Matrix re-imprinting and Homeopathy sessions are also available, with a range of personalised Naturopathic & Herbal medicine remedies also available. Just click here to discover the best natural therapy treatment for your needs.


For more information about any of the professional Energetic Healing treatments that are available or to book in your next appointment with one of our practitioners, just give us a call or send us a message instantly by clicking on the 'Make an Enquiry' button below

Qualification Details

All of our practitioners are fully qualified, registered & accredited

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