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Ka Huna Hawaiian Bodywork

Matt Druce

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Ka Huna Hawaiian Bodywork
We foster the space for you to be magnificent! In order to get there you are invited to release your feelings and express your heart. Experiences that elicit soul healing are encouraged in order to relax and enliven.

Ka Huna Hawaiian Bodywork

Ka Huna Bodywork level 6: Hawai'ian Bodywork/Massage

Ka Huna is a flowing, deeply relaxing , healing and sacred Polynesian massage. It is a dance incorporating the client and practitioner s breath that nurtures the physical, emotional and etheric bodies. It is a full body oil massage incorporating stretches, always emphasising the breath. It is a form that consists of long strokes with the elbow and forearm, under belly, back and lower thigh cradling moves , opening up the heart and belly. Traditionally, the purpose of this massage was to achieve transformation  and was used as an initiation rite in Hawaii with prolonged massage for days on end. We use it to facilitate healing in the body soul and mind of both you, the Receiver and also the Giver.

My Ka Huna training was taken at High Spirits Retreat under Mette Sorrensen, Facilitators: Carita Wong, Miles Sanderson, Shayne Jervis.

Other ways of healing incorporated into our practice are:

Watsu: Aquatic Bodywork

Aquatic Bodywork is a cradling, hydrotherapy dance in very warm chest deep water, wherein the Giver initiates long sweeping motions in the Receiver, opening movement in the Back, Hips and Limbs. It uses the power of the water. With attunement and gentle prompts, the Receiver holds their breath and is led underwater gently. Nose plugs assist the Giver to lead the Receiver under and "spiral, dolphin, seaweed" the Receiver. A far greater range of body manipulation and movements are achieved underwater,  though we only work to the comfort level of the Receiver. Care and Trust are the foundations of this sublime and Fun therapy. The Surface moves are Watsu 1-2 moves learnt under Masta in Tyagerah (WABA) Certified. Also incorporated are Healing Dance and Agua Hara: these are the underwater elements and the spiritual and creative side of the Watsu form. Watchful care is given in the sessions, only working with the comfort, breath and permission of the Receiver.

Polynesian Floorwork

Assisted Floor stretching, using natural bodyweight,  Breath and leverage. An extremely useful tool to stretch and amend specific problems quickly, also to demonstrate Hawaiian Bodywork in Public or in short sessions.


Hula: Hawai'ian Movement, or "Flying" is a series of graceful dance steps using the concentration and the breath. They sharpen focus and build energy. It is a form like Hawai'ian Tai Chi: a moving meditation.  Great first thing in the morning to get the Body moving in the day.. More advanced Hula  dancing is encouraged but not taught at this stage. 


Integral to the dance of this bodywork, Music is a language that speaks directly to all of us.  Cello can be incorporated into a session to transport you quickly into relaxation and imagination. Background music to massage can be contemporary and tailored to your tastes. I like singing to the music and the client as I feel it is one of the best things in life. 

Access BARS Technique

Energetic Subtle Healing: lightly touching points on the head, drawing energy through those points.. deeply relaxing, works on unlocking patterns of blocked thought, clearing and opening the mind body and soul.

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Ka Huna Hawaiian Bodywork and Watsu

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