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Hazels Spiritual Healing

Bel Perry

Baraba Cl

I am a healer and intuitive card reader.  I connect from a place of love with my guides, spirits, angels and fairies.  I am always learning and adding more modalities to have a holistic approach in which to heal all the beautiful people I meet on my life path.

Hazels Spiritual Healing


Hello and welcome to my page, this is a place full of much love and many blessings.  Make yourself at home, grab a cuppa and be inspired to relax and unwind. Please make sure you say hello and let me know if there is anything you would like to know about myself or my page.

I am a mother, wife and loving friend.  I am also a loving woman who connects with spirits, angels and fairies in my healing and card work.  I felt suck in my life knowing there was much more than what I was doing and felt a longing to connect with my spiritual side.  Through my life I have grown and evolved and believe we should all do so until we cross over.


Spiritual Healing

This is a connection with spirit to see where you need to be healed. You can either sit in a chair or lay on a massage table. I call on spirit to connect through me and heal you. I will need to softly connect with certain joints of your body as well as your feet and head. Spirit will sometimes visit with a message for you, if they do I will always ask your permission if you would like to hear what I have received.

Intuitive Oracle Card Reading

I will read cards that I have pulled from the deck for you. This may be done a certain number of ways depending on what kind of reading you have booked in for. Intuitive means that I read the card as it pertains to you and what your guides/spirits have to say to mine.

Love Listening

This is a guidance session for you to share as much or as little as you wish. All guidance is offered to you with love from myself and my guides. Sometimes we just need someone to talk to who is not in our circle to speak freely with and seek advice or help from.

Free hugs are available with every session.


This is to clear the negative energy around you, your pets and household. This generally uses white sage in either leaf form, stick form or incense stick form. This can be carried out with other herbs however this is the main herb used in smudging practices. I offer smudging in the healing room or if you feel you need I can also come to your house.


Spiritual Healing

All healing is done in my healing room, where as a channel I invite in my guides to give you healing where needed for your highest good.

  • 20 minutes – $40

  • 40 minutes – $70

  • 60 minutes – $100

Intuitive Oracle Card Reading  

Readings can be done in the healing room or via video messenger

  • 3 card reading with 1-2 questions – $30

  • 6 card reading with 1-2 questions – $60

  • 9 card reading with 3-4 questions – $90

  • 12 card reading with 5-6 questions – $120

Love Listening  

Let spirit guide you with what you need to share and spirit will guide me with messages needed for you.

  • 30 minutes – $25

  • 45 minutes – $40

  • 60 minutes – $55


  • Smudging for yourself in the healing room – $30

  • Smudging yourself and your home – $100 (includes family if desired)


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