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Heal Naturally with EFT

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The motto of EFT is "try it on everything" and it works!

Heal Naturally with EFT

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Perth, New South Wales

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Health issues Happiness Emotional wellbeing Relaxation Purpose Joy

About Us
What is Emotional Freedom Technique?

EFT is a modality I use to assist clients in releasing negative energy and issues that no longer serve them so that they can live happy, more successful and fulfilled lives.

EFT is a simple and effective tool which uses a tapping sequence on a set of meridian points, which is why it is often referred to as "emotional acupuncture," without the needles. Through this process negative emotions or memories are released, leaving you feeling at peace and calm and much better able to live your daily live with joy, happiness and success!

In an EFT session whatever issue or illness has been coming up for a client is processed in the session and released. People report feeling calm and better able to handle the situations in their lives after just one session. Each person is different but many issues can be worked and released within a few sessions, so you don't need years of traditional therapy. EFT works on:

  • emotional issues
  • cancer
  • anxiety
  • performance issues
  • weight loss
  • health issues
  • post traumatic stress disorder
  • and many many more!

The motto of EFT is "try it on everything" and it works! Many accomplished doctors and therapists such as Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Mercola and Jack Canfield have endorsed EFT.

A successful modality that I use is saying not only words, but also looking at the illness or emotional issue as an energy with a shape and a color. People will be amazing at how fast they can release any issue, emotional or physical, by going beyond 'words' and looking at the issue in this way. The session always ends with a chakra balancing, which clients love. We focus on positive intentions, healing the body and balancing the chakras and the results each time are amazing, leaving you feeling a deep sense of peace, calm and love!

About Amy

I grew up in the United States and I have been living in Australia since 2009. I've always been drawn to alternative therapies and healing practices having grown up in California around the natural health field. When I discovered EFT in 2006 in San Diego I was amazed at how effective and long lasting the results were from EFT.

I've been practicing EFT with clients since 2006 and in 2010 I began my own EFT practice Heal Naturally. I strongly believe in the power of our own ability to heal and EFT is an excellent modality to use for this purpose. My goal is to always provide a safe place for you to move through your 'stuff' and emerge on the other side feeling empowered, connected and ready to live your life full of potential!

In addition I hold a Bachelor's Degree in International Relations from Evergreen State. I've spent fifteen years studying culture, yoga, meditation and dance in the Middle East, Brazil, India and Indonesia. These experiences have deepened my understanding of people and spirituality which has given me a greater sense of compassion, intuitiveness and ability to work with EFT clients.

"I am 34 years old and I have terminal cancer. I could hardly walk and I have a tumor on my brain that makes me not be able to see. I have been doing EFT with Amy for about four months. I am now able to walk a mile on the treadmill and do water aerobics. I wasn't able to drive and now I can drive doing the day. I owe all this to EFT and working with Amy.""

L.H., Las Vegas, Nevada

"I had the blessing of having Amy do EFT with me during one of the most shocking relationship break-ups of my romantic life and needless to say; my heart was shattered. After the first session I was able to breathe again and before the end of the day I was kayaking down the waterways and enjoying lighthearted conversation with an amazing friend. After a few more sessions with Amy I worked through some serious blockages and released a lot of stagnant energy that was keeping me back from my healing process. I am most thankful for Amy's intuitive work as she seemed to know the right words to describe all of what I was feeling, as well as help me to find my own words. I felt like mountains were lifted off my shoulders and like I was able to not only "survive" what I was going through; but really be awake and live my life again.”

M.A. Jacksonville, FLA

"I'm a 38 year old business professional who suffered anxiety when presenting at the annual company meeting in the States. The anxiety set me back because I thought my presentations were not as smooth as they should be and I found I was missing important points during the talk because the anxiety was clouding my mind. I answered questions hastily because I wanted my part to be over quickly. After a few EFT sessions with Amy I was amazed how I developed a solid grounded feeling and looked forward to standing up in front of my colleagues to present my material. After the session was over I got some comments from colleagues that they thought I presented well. I now regularly practice EFT when I feel I need it."

T.S. Sydney, Australia

"I had an EFT session with Amy over a month ago, and I cannot begin to tell what a fabulous experience it was! I have been under a dark cloud since the sudden death of my Mother nearly 14 years ago. Through EFT i was able to express just what this stagnation meant to me...and how it was impacting my life on an everyday basis. I was emotionally bogged down by the sadness and negative thoughts. This negativity manifested itself in health bladder issues, and recently, lymph node swelling. Within minutes of beginning my session, the pain from the lymph node was gone...and within an hour of the session, the swelling was gone! While I still and always will love and honor my beautiful Mother, I have been able to let go of thinking of it all the time. I have finally moved on! I am at peace, and my health issues have evaporated! Amy is so involved in her clients needs, and has a deep understanding of how our spiritual and emotional sides are connected. This experience has been a true blessing!"

D.W., Charleston South Carolina

"Amy is an excellent EFT therapist who is both knowledgeable and intuitive. We have worked together on various emotional conditions and painful experiences that had been effecting me. I have come into treatment feeling terrible and by the end of my session I feel a huge sense of progress, confidence and relaxation. I dealt with feelings of anxiety, emotional stress, and depression which were affecting my personal life, work, and my loved ones. After just one session I felt a huge improvement of my problem. It felt liberating and powerful to work through these issues with EFT and Amy made the whole process easy and effective. She was very intuitive and helped quickly identify my emotions and bottled up feelings that were holding me back. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is dealing with emotional, depression, or health issues." - S.B., San Diego, CA

“I found my first EFT session with Amy Basha to be incredibly powerful. Prior to the session, I thought I had already worked on and accepted several traumatic occurrences from my past, however through Amy’s guidance and EFT I was able to face and begin shifting those issues in a way I didn’t think was possible. I realized I had been fooling myself to think I was ‘okay’ with everything. After my session I had a series of realizations that were uncovered and felt a since of peace and self love. I look forward to my upcoming sessions with Amy and continuing to heal. “

J.J., Jacksonville, FLA

“The EFT session you did must have really worked! I feel a lot better about myself and believe it or not I have not been drinking. I woke up last Saturday and decided that I was going to quit drinking and it has now been 6 days since I have had anything! I have been around alcohol, and I have had no desire to drink. I am very excited. Thank you for doing EFT with me, I have been trying to repeat what you said and I feel really good.”

K.V. Charleston, SC

Sessions are $75 for one hour.

Pre book 3 sessions for $200 ($66 per session)

Pre book 6 sessions for $350 ($58 per session)

It is advisable to commit to 3 sessions, as that really helps move through an issue with EFT. In comparison to years of traditional therapy EFT works rapidly, but it is more effective to commit to at least 3 sessions to cement the changes in your life.

EFT works just as effectively over the phone as well as in person. Clients report feeling energy shifts and tingling during phone sessions, and they feel great afterwards! Amy also offer sessions in her office in Sydney, Australia.

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