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Healing Balance

Michele Michaud

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Servicing area: Hampton Park, Narre Warren South, Lynbrook, Cranbourne North, Dandenong, Endeavour Hills, Melbourne

Healing Balance

Reiki is a Japanese healing system. It is gentle and nurturing and can be done through clothing. I now offer classes to learn this lovely modality.

Appointments are available Tuesday to Friday and Saturday mornings.

*Reiki 1 class is ready .
Contact me for dates and times.*

Healing Balance - Reiki

Reiki is described as "Universal energy". This is the energy that sustains all things, people, animals and plants. This energy is found in everything and as a healing system we draw upon this energy. It is limitless and ever abundant. We do not draw upon our own energy of that of another person, animal, plant or object.

The formal hands-on healing system of Reiki, originally called the Usui system of natural healing by it's modern founder Dr. Mikao Usui in the 1900's uses specific hand positions, symbols, philosophies and techniques and is said to have many benefits and "safeguards" built into it.

Reiki brings balance. It works on the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional levels. It energises and heals the body and balances the body's energy.Studies show it can reduce blood pressure and stress.
It is very nurturing and relaxing and can easily be done through clothing.

Reiki 1 classes are over two days or 4 to 5 short sessions. You will receive a comprehensive training in Reiki and it's principles and how to work with this lovely energy.There are 4 attunements in Reiki 1. On completion you will be able to work on yourself, family and friends.

Reiki 2 classes are approximately is again over 2 days or 4 to 5 short sessions. You are taught the 3 Reiki symbols, their meanings and how to incorporate them into treatments on those present, absent or yourself. There are 3 attunements in Reiki 2. On completion you will be qualified to treat others as a practitioner.

Comprehensive workbooks with all class information are provided at each level. Certificates are given upon completion of each level.

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Reiki Master

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