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Refresh Your Body & Mind With a Professional EFT Healing or Ear Candling Session With Abe

The Healing Touch Wellbeing Centre - Ear Candling & EFT Healing

Ear Candling

Ear candling is a relaxing and enjoyable way to soothe the sinuses, ears and head and calm and clear the mind. It is a less expensive alternative for alleviating symptoms such as earache, tinnitus, ear wax build up, sinusitis, glue ear, water in the ear, hearing difficulty, sore throat, headache/migraine and stress.

How It Works

A long hollow candle, with a pure cotton wick, is gently placed in the ear canal, while the recipient lies on their side. The practitioner carefully lights the candle and monitors it. Concurrently, massage and lymphatic drainage of the ear, face and neck can be carried out. The overall sensation is pleasant and relaxing.

The healing effect is based on the simple laws of science. Under-pressure (vacuum), vibration and warmth are created in the ear by the lit candle. This gently massages the eardrums, stimulates the sinuses and vascular system and also aids the lymphatic system.

This safe and effective natural therapy, used in various cultures since ancient times, can be a pleasant and rewarding experience for adults as well as children.

Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT is a healing technique for addressing and relieving emotional and physical symptoms that may be acute or even long-standing. It is a revolutionary technique that is gentle and safe, having a rapid response. EFT may be effectively used on its own, or combined with other physical therapies to enhance both.

EFT is quick and simple to learn and can be applied successfully as a self-help technique for the many daily stresses and problems, including fear, anger, procrastination and pain.

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Qualification details

  • ATMS Member - 2880
  • STAA - Shiatsu Therapy Association of Australia
  • AMA - Australian Myopractic Association
  • Diploma of Remedial Massage
  • Diploma of Shiatsu
  • Diploma of Proficiency in Bowen Technique
  • Certificate of Advanced Training in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
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