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Engage in a deeper expression of your True Beauty through the power of Reiki and Theta Healing

Reiki & Theta Healing

Servicing area

Boronia, Victoria

Focus areas

Energy balance Growth Fear Love Subconscious eDISC

Individual Sessions

Deeply Transformative Healing Sessions utilising

REIKI energy of Love and Light

THETA HEALING accessing source energy for healing

CRYSTALS intuitively placed to cleanse the auric body


What is Reiki?

rei - the Japanese word for Universal
ki - means Life Force

A Reiki session is an experience of accepting the Light of the Universal Life Force as a healing energy in the body. The receiver lies down while the practitioner gently places the hands along the chakra line of the body.

Through the hands of the Reiki practitioner, the healing energy flows, thus cleansing the auric field of the receiver. As disease and imbalance in the physical body begins first in the aura, this cleansing acts to bring balance and health into the physical body.

However, not only the body receives the benefits of Reiki. This energy balances the emotional and spiritual state as well.

This traditional mode of energetic healing was rediscovered by Dr. Mikao Usui at the end of the 19th century.

Theta Healing:

Theta Healing is a powerful energetic healing calling into play the forces of the Creator of All That Is. The practitioner first acts to delineate the limiting negative beliefs and fears that are carried in the subconscious of the client, then allows these beliefs and fears to be released. Other possibilites within the Theta Healing modality include physical healings, chakra clearing, releasing of psychic hooks and more.

On a practical level, a session of healing will resemble initially a counselling session, wherein the client unfolds their story allowing the practitioner to pinpoint the areas of challenge and opportunity for growth. The second stage is energetic, using the theta state, the Theta Healer co-creates with Spirit, allowing healing to take place.

For more information on this powerful modality, see www.thetahealing.com.


Reiki Session: $80

Theta Healing: $80

Crystal Healing: $80

concession rate available

Skype and Phone sessions available.

Mastercard, Visa accepted through Paypal
BSB payments accepted


offered by: Julie Girginis, Reiki Master

and Winter Borg, Reiki Practitioner

Join Winter and Julie for a brief introduction to Reiki followed by a Reiki Treatment!!


3rd Mon. evening - 7 pm

January 16, 2012
February 20, 2012
March 19, 2012
April 16, 2012
May 21, 2012

Held at:
Sacred Swan
Suite 7, 5 Chandler Rd.
Boronia, VIC 3155

Bookings Essential

0417 588 819

$10 Fee



- release negative beliefs that cause excess weight
- learn to exercise without excercising
- use muscle testing to choose the right foods for your body
- begin to love yourself exactly the way that you are!!

date - January 2012
location - The Purple Feather, Kilsyth
fee - $50


- clear negative beliefs that block your soul mate connection
- use crystals to draw your true love into your life

February 2012, Sacred Swan, Boronia
March 2012, The Purple Feather, Kilsyth
fee - $50


- begin to see yourself worthy of all of the Abundance possible

April 2012, Sacred Swan, Boronia
May 2012, The Purple Feather, Kilsyth

fee - $50


The Peaceful Feather
22 Collins Place
Kilsyth, VIC

Sacred Swan
suite 7, 5 Chandler Rd.
Boronia, VIC 3155

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