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Rebecca Strachan

Healing Within Centre - Naturopathy & Nutrition, Noosa

-- Noosa QLD 4560

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Naturopathy is both a preventative and disease based form of medicine. Rebecca is a Naturopath in the lovely Noosa area of the Sunshine Coast of Queensland. Rebecca uses natural and safe approaches to heal those long and standing and acute symptoms, to have you feeling fantastic again. Book a Naturopathic consultation today and watch your symptoms fall away one by one.Special offer: receive 10% off your first consultation when you mention NTPages. Call or email today to book in and redeem this discount

Healing Within - Naturopathy & Nutrition Noosa QLD

Servicing area

Noosa, Cooroy, Gympie, Nambour, Yandina, Imbil, Mary Valley

Focus areas

Hormone testing Weight management Manifestation Intolerance Relaxation Wellness


Meet Rebecca

Rebecca is a Naturopath, Nutritionist and Herbalist that has a keen interest in Liver health and general wellness including weight management. Rebecca has helped many patients in the areas of Metabolic Syndrome, including Diabetes and Heart disease, as well as Thyroid disease, Celiac and other gastrointestinal disorders. She focuses on food as medicine and prefers to use as little supplementation as possible to achieve life long resolution of symptoms.

What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy is holistic approach that takes into account the mind, body and spirit. Using a naturopathic approach is to look at signs and symptoms that the body reveals, this arriving at a whole health plan of action .
Treatments are then tailored to the individual, this will often cover the use of dietary changes, natural supplements, as well as Herbs and Homeopathy.
Naturopathy looks at the body as a whole, recognising the fact that lifestyle factors may have an influence your current state of health.
Naturopathy looks at identifying and treating the underlying causes of illness not just the symptoms of disease, which are often the outward manifestation of internal imbalance within the body.
Naturopathy employs the Healing power of Nature and its relationship to body mind and spirit. Naturopaths look at this relationship and its relevance to your health.


Naturopathy Specialities

  • Heavy Metal Detoxification
  • Iridology / Sclerology
  • Digestive wellness
  • Food allergies & intolerance
  • Healthy cooking / meal planning
  • Elimination diets
  • Menopause symptoms support
  • Lymphatic sound massage
  • Hair Analysis testing
  • Stool testing
  • Saliva hormone testing.

And much more....



Naturopathy is both an art and a science. Naturopaths are prevention medicine specialists. Today naturopaths use scientific evidence as well as traditional evidence in practice.

Here at Healing Within we believe the earth has supplied us with all that is needed to do this. Let me help you achieve good health and reach your true potential, call Healing Within Naturopath Warrimoo..

0405 404 825



Iridology is the practice of studying iris fibre patterns and colours. Each body part and organ has a corresponding area in your iris. Iridologists interpret your iris signs to establish how your body is working, what your genetic inheritance dictates and what natural medicines may be the most appropriate to enhance your health.
This is done by examining the iris and taking high resolution digital iris photos, which are then saved for comparison to following photos as your treatment progresses.

Whats the benefit of having an iridology consultation?

First, it will be one of the most empowering consultations youll ever experience in your life.
This iris landscape is interpreted by using a magnifying glass and an iris digital camera. As the iris is projected on the screen, and with insightful, positive and therapeutic interpretation, clients can instantly learn about a wide range of health, lifestyle and inherited health related factors.

What we can determine with Iridology.

  • Your genetic potential, health tendencies and predispositions
  • Nutritional deficiencies, digestive issues and liver and gall bladder function
  • Circulatory problems and lymphatic congestion
  • Stress, anxiety, adrenal fatigue and chronic fatigue
  • Inflammatory conditions, level of acidity in the body and tissue toxicity
  • Immune system function, blood sugar irregularities and many other conditions.


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Areas we service: Noosa, Cooroy, Gympie, Imbil, Nambour, Yandina.

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4 Services

$40 OFF - Naturopathic Consultation - Video call - MAY ONLY

Naturopathy Herbal Medicine Nutrition
$100 Per hour

- 1 hour Initial consultation. - A meal plan to meet your specific needs. - Comprehensive treatment program to correct mineral imbalances or toxicities you may have.

Naturopathic Consultation

Naturopathy Herbal Medicine Nutrition Women's Health Men's Health Health Screening Iridology
$140 Per hour

- 1 hour Initial consultation. - A meal plan to meet your specific needs. - Comprehensive treatment program to correct mineral imbalances or toxicities you may have.

Professional Membership

  • ANTA - Australian Natural Therapists Association

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