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Emotional freedom technique or EFT is a powerful emotional healing technique which combines Western psychology (cognitive brain restructuring) with Ancient Chinese Medicine. EFT works on negative emotions that create energy system blockages which eventually create ill health.

Health Inspirations Northside - Emotional Freedom Technique

What is Vibrational Healing or Energy Medicine?

Everything in the universe is energy vibrating at different frequencies. Objects consists of microscopic particles vibrating at such a fast rate that they appear solid. This invisible energy field is constantly changing and its vibratory frequency determines what the energy forms.

Physicists have proven that the physical world is one large sea of connected energy held together by our thoughts. Every thought has a measurable vibration which varies according to whether the thought is negative or positive. (Thought forms) Thoughts become things we literally become what we think about most. We are pure light energy that is constantly changing and is controlled by our powerful minds. Our lives become what we have imagined and believed in most.

Low Frequency Creates Poor Health

Every object, including the bodys organs have a healthy vibratory rate (62 -68 MHz) known as resonance. If part of the body vibrates out of resonance, disease is created. When we are well oxygenated and the bodys high frequency is maintained we remain healthy.

Negative Emotions Creates Disease (Gregg Braden)

Everyone develops emotional baggage from childhood perceptions and conditioning which creates dysfunctional distorted beliefs. Trapped negative emotions such as anger, fear, shame, guilt, and grief have their own low vibration which creates a downward spiral of our vital life force adversely affecting the bodys physiology. This low vibratory force creates illness and attracts more repetitive life experiences related to that negative emotion. The person becomes trapped in a downward life spiral of low energy and inability to break free locking the person into victim mode.

Behavioural patterns developed during childhood are triggered easily and colour our adult decision making and the bodys vibratory frequency. Health and disease begins in our consciousness. The quality of ones consciousness defines ones health, happiness, achievements and relationships.

Smash Negative Trapped Emotions

Emotional freedom technique or EFT is a powerful emotional healing technique which combines Western psychology (cognitive brain restructuring) with Ancient Chinese Medicine. EFT works on negative emotions that create energy system blockages which eventually create ill health. EFT erases the neuronal pathway & quantum collapses the folder of dysfunctional beliefs the practitioner then replaces these with a life affirming powerfully positive beliefs. Once the recurring dysfunctional patterns are smashed and released the person body vibrates at a much higher frequency. The body resonates at a high vibratory frequency which switches the levels of consciousness to an upward spiral empowering and enabling the person to become their true authentic self. Expertly applied EFT collapses dreadful events and eradicates the victim mode. It is life transformational and utterly empowering.

Matrix Re-Imprinting

During the age of 0 7 we formulate our values; our core beliefs then form around our values. Our values and core beliefs are very important because we filter our world through them. The unified energy field or Matrix surrounds us and connects us to our past. We hold our specific traumas and stressful life events in the Matrix. Entering the Matrix we can work specifically with specific energy bodies or Energy Conscious Holograms (ECHOs) formed when the traumatised, disassociated child splits off and freezes in Time/Space (the place of pure energy). These ECHOs, of which there are many, influence every thought pattern, action and behaviours and are viewed as current and real by the brain.

Matrix Re-Imprinting technique adds a powerful dimension to regular EFT by enhancing & accelerating my clients cognitive shifts. I guide the present adult to step into The Matrix and ask what the frozen powerless child wants to do to resolve the situation. Once the trauma is resolved and a new experience is created, the sights and sounds are magnified and the happy feelings are locked into the heart. One ECHO leads to the next and so on. When you change the Past you Re-write Your Future!

Conscious Suppression Of Negative Emotions

We often try to suppress negative emotions but this costs physical energy and creates exhaustion. When negative emotions have surfaced into the awareness they can safely be extinguished and discharged. EFT brings balance and inner peace to your life. Its quick, easy and cost effective plus, encourages your unique expression and liberates you from thought processes than no longer serve you. Research has shown EFT reduces cortisone levels by 30% during stressful situations.

This is a simple, dynamic and one of the most powerful agents to dissolve emotional baggage which blocks health and happiness. Research shows EFT has effectively treated many physical and emotional disorders including PTSD.

I combine the forces of Energy Medicine to achieve powerful outcomes. I integrate EFT, Matrix Re-Imprinting with NLP, Visualization, Reiki and Aromatherapy to enhance the effectiveness of my life changing formula. This liberates the client to Be, Do and Have whatever you choose to manifest.

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