Health & Wellness Coaching Centre

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Reiki Healing, Nutritional Coaching and Numerology.

Health & Wellness Coaching Centre


Health and Wellness Coaching Centre was funded by the Nutritionist and Reiki Healer Vivian Gasparetti, offering services for health and well being.

Our mission is helping each one of our clients to achieve their health goals, heal from past and current emotional wounds and reconnect body, mind and soul for general well being and a happier life.


Nutritional Counselling

  • 1 hour - 45

This services is recommended for you that have tried all sources of diets but are struggling to lose weight or change your food choices. It is also good for clients that are facing eating disorders.

Numerology Chart

  • 30 minutes - 45

Numerology is an amazing self-knowledge tool that helps you to discover your life purpose, personality traits, career pathways and others.

Reiki Healing (energy healing)

  • 1 hour - 45

Reiki is a Japanese technique that promotes body self-healing, helping clients to overcome feelings of fear, anxiety, depression and assist to heal physical illnesses.

Massage Therapy

  • 1 hour - $45

Full body relaxation massage with guided meditation. Promotes deep relaxation, pain relief, reduces feelings of depression, stress and anxiety alleviates back pain. Please note: strictly non-sexual.

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Health & Wellness Coaching Centre