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Contact Name Marilyn Bodnar
Address 187 Bringelly RD
Leppington NSW 2179
Servicing Areas Leppington, New South Wales
Mobile 0410 627 556

Nutrition protects and builds healthy cells

Health and Vitality Centre - Nutrition

About Nutrition

With the combination of a healthy, balanced whole plant food meals, regular exercise and other simple lifestyle adjustments, you will avoid illness, look younger and feel great, without the expense of modern medication or alternative medicines!.

Natural foods are the foundation to good health. You will satisfy your nutrient requirements and minimize food cravings and addictions.

You can recalibrate our taste buds - the key to making big eating changes is changing at the desire level, and preparing balanced meals of natural foods, that are ripe, fresh and in season.

When you care about something enough, you can choose to do it, and make the required changes.

Your first consultation

It is often a good idea to bring in a one week 'diet diary' of what you eat in a normal day, for your first consultation. Feel free to add in any emotions or physical sensations associated with your food choice.

I can then help you balance your food groups, so you can achieve maximum energy out of your day and absorb your nutrients to the fullest.

Workshops, Classes and Gatherings

I began conducting wholesome vegetarian/vegan food preparation classes 30 years ago, so as to assist people with ideas to make their meals interesting & balanced in nutrition. For the last 30 years, I have conducted wholemeal breadmaking workshops, where there is hands on learning, lunch included (ORGANIC, VEGAN, WHOLE PLANT FOODS & GLUTEN, DAIRY AND SUGAR-FREE) & 10 pages of recipes provided, where we make more than just bread! (See flyer attached for more details)

All workshops and classes are held at Health and Vitality Centre, 187 Bringelly Rd, Leppington OR if you can get a group of 10 people together, we will come to your home

Bookings essential for all workshops and we are a 10 minutes walk/ 1.2kms from Leppington railway station


Date: Saturday, 20th January, 2018
Time: 1pm - 5pm
RSVP: Wednesday, 17th January, 2018

Want to enjoy desserts and sweets without guilt, bloating or worrying about food intolerances? Come and discover how these desserts are ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS ON THE LIPS BUT DO NOT PUT INCHES ON THE HIPS!!!

This workshop will cover:
  • What to use if there are nut allergies, cravings and addictions to chocolate.
  • 14 Mouth-watering ideas for raw pastries, cheese-cakes, mousses, pies, slices and candy balls that are simple to prepare, and nutritious and delicious. Menu includes: Carob Cheesecake, Beetroot Cake, Energy Balls, Strawberry Cashew Cheesecake, Carob Mousse, Apple and Ginger Pie, Brownies with Carob Frosting, Lucuma Caramel Slice, Mesquite Fudge, Sesame Slice, Carrot Cake with Frosting, Carob Sauce, Peppermint Slice & Cashew Mango Ice Cream.
  • ALL FREE OF: dairy, egg, salt, wheat, soy bean products, processed sugars, artificial sweeteners and other nasty chemicals, trans-fats and animal ingredients. Also FREE of RAW CACAO - come and learn why this is such a toxic ingredient and why RAW AND ROASTED CAROB POWDER are a nutritious and mineral and antioxidant rich alternative.
  • Ingredients used are fresh and organic and full of healthy nourishing goodness.
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Don't be concerned about the food in your life! Be concerned about the life in your food! Make a booking now and give yourself the gift of health! Call Marilyn 0410 627 556 or 'Make an Enquiry' below.

Pensioner discounts are available.

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