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HealthBack - Remedial Massage Therapy

Gabriela Bradley

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HealthBack - Remedial Massage Therapy
Increase energy levels and body immunity

For overall health and well-being!

HealthBack - Breuss (Spinal Stretch) Massage

What is Breuss Spinal Stretch Therapy?

The Breuss Spinal Stretch therapy is a very effective way to relieve muscular tension and to relieve tension of the spinal column. Calming and soothing, the effects of the Breuss Spinal Stretch therapy are equal to those of a healthy full night’s sleep. The gentle stretching of the spine in combination with the use of natural healing oil (Hypericum or St Johns Wort), allows the spinal discs to absorb this fluid, just like a sponge absorbs water. The Breuss Spinal Stretch therapy is a very gentle and effective back therapy in its own right. It is for its specific properties and benefits however, that the Breuss Spinal Stretch therapy will always be part of any Dorn Spinal Therapy treatment also. Time required to effectively apply this therapy is only about 30 minutes but can easily be longer on request.

You have the control to regain good immunity, increase your energy levels and to assist your body and mind to work at their best!

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Breuss (Spinal Stretch) Massage