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What is Dorn Spinal Therapy?

The Dorn Method or Dorn Spinal Therapy is a healing method by Dieter Dorn (1938 January 2011) from a small town in the South of Germany. The Dorn Method is a holistic, nonmanipulative and safe way to correct mis-alignments of the spinal column and other joints in our body. With the Dorn Method we can re-align vertebrae by combining gentle pressure of the thumb in the right place while creating body movement at the same time.

The Dorn Method enables us to align individual vertebrae without touching any others. This gentle and non-invasive method is simple in application but very effective. Re-alignment is followed by a healing Breuss Massage. This therapeutic massage will soothe and relax any tensed muscles and tissue surrounding your spinal column and back. The oil used during this relaxing massage is St Johns Wort oil, known for its healing properties. The discs of your spine will readily absorb the oil during the therapy.


You have the control to regain good immunity, increase your energy levels and to assist your body and mind to work at their best!

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