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HealthBack - Remedial Massage Therapy

Gabriela Bradley

Level 1, Suite 7
206 Hume Hwy
Lansvale NSW 2166

Servicing area: Lansvale, Fairfield,Liverpool

HealthBack - Remedial Massage Therapy
Technique stimulating pressure points to

trigger a regulatory response in body organs

HealthBack - Reflexology Therapy

Reflexology – gentle and ancient holistic art

When a specific reflex point on the feet, the hands, the face or the ears gets pressed, a sensory body messenger sends the message to the corresponding body part or organ. The stimulated body part reacts, tension gets released, toxins get removed, cell nourishment gets increased: the body starts healing!

A reflexology treatment can be likened to a whole body remedial massage treatment as our feet are ‘a mirror of our body and its organs’ as Eunice Ingham (1879 – 1974), developer of the science of contemporary Reflexology states.

Reflexology works on the body on multiple levels. Healing touch releases enkephalins and endorphins which promote feelings of well-being, strengthen the immune and hormone systems of the body.

You have the control to regain good immunity, increase your energy levels and to assist your body and mind to work at their best!

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