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Affordable, Accredited, Online Courses in Youth Counselling. Payment plans offered from $50 a week.

Certificate in Youth Counselling

Course Outline:

It is becoming more and more important that young people are supported in their growing years. With the amount of crime, suicide and depression on the rise in young adults and even children the need for a support system is becoming more important.

The Certificate in Youth Counselling is a course specially designed for people who work with children want to work with children or have special interest in Counselling young adults, Teenagers and kids. It gives a solid understanding of Child and Adolescent psychology as well as enables you to choose a specialist stream according to your career interest. This course gives you RPL into the Nationally Recognised Diploma in Counselling

This Certificate is ideal for people working with young adults or wanting to counsel children and young people.

It consists of 3 modules:

Adolescent Psychology:
Adolescence can be simply defined as the period of a person’s life between puberty and maturity (adulthood), generally the teenage years. This is not merely something discussed in scientific terms, but rather an important social phase in a person’s life. This course helps you understand adolescence and deal better with the problems that arise for anyone going through this phase of life.

Child Psychology:
Child psychology is concerned with the development of a person over the course of their childhood. This involves the development of a child's mental processes (i.e. cognitive development), emotional and social behaviour. It is important to state that development does not end at adulthood. Adults continue to experience changes in their mental, emotional and social behaviours. Some characteristics are, however, more easily developed and changed during childhood.

Relationship Communications Counselling:
Develop your understanding of the role communication plays in creating, maintaining or destroying relationships, and your ability to assist others to improve their relationships communications. This course is useful both for those who work in counselling, to people who manage relationships in a workplace (eg. supervisors of work teams), or individuals who simply seek to better understand the dynamics of relationships between people in everyday life.


$1400.00 (Payment plans available)






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