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Health Kitchen

Contact Name Chris Wake
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We Offer Clean Natural Micro and Macro algae Supplements For Optimum Nutrition/Disease Prevention. Nutrition News, Recipes, Gardening Advice, Scientific Evidence, Videos. Brown algae/seaweed extract, Australian  Fucoidan, phytoplankton lotion, greens, magnesium spray, magnesium moisturiser.

Health Kitchen


Natural Dietary Supplements for Disease Prevention. Vitamins/Supplements That Work. Nutrition/Supplements, Complete Dietary Nutrition, Australian Site, Phytoplankton, Brown Seaweed Extracts, Fucoidan, Greens, Health Foods. Complete Optimal Nutrition that your Body can Actually Use. Evidence-Based Health Supplements.

We Sell A Natural Organic Iodine Supplement To Feed Your Thyroid. Natural Organic Iodine is a Food Found in Nature & Will Activate Your Thyroid & Give You More Energy.

Your Whole Blood supply Passes Through Your Thyroid Every 15 Minutes So A Healthy Thyroid Will Affect Your Whole Body. Recipes, Videos, Blog based on science.

Special Marine Plant Extracts

Natural Health Supplements Iodine Brown Seaweed Extracts, Fucoidan & Marine Phytoplankton. Sourced From Pristine Waters From Tasmania, Patagonia & Canada.

There is an exciting future for our special seaweed extracts as they are evidence-based, very bioactive & therapeutic for human health. The healthiest and longest-lived population on earth the traditional Okinawans from Japan have consumed raw brown seaweed for thousands of years. Our extracts are premium quality, high purity and are from reputable manufacturers. There are 1400 scientific studies on the brown seaweed extract called fucoidan alone and thousands more on other extracts and consumption of seaweed. Our fucoidan powder is the same high purity fucoidan being used in Australia in stem cell transplants and by RMIT researchers for brain trauma (stroke) victims and shows very promising results. There are many health benefits including tissue repair.

We are Victims Of Modern Food Malnourishment:

Most Australians Are Iodine Deficient:

How to Grown Organic Vegetables:

Healthy Recipes:

Restless Legs and Cramping:

Microbiome Health Workshops Adelaide, Probiotic Cultured Superfoods and the BEST Quality Kefir Grains, Sauerkraut/Fermented Vegetable Culture Starters & Accessories.

Your Microbiome Health Affects Every Aspect Of Your Health Including Your Brain Health, Obesity & Immune System.

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24 Hour Candida Control - not months!

Your body is ruled by 100 trillion microbes that call your body home and many compounds both helpful and harmful are made by your microbes - you can change your microbiome to enhance your health.

Our cultured vegetable recipe is rich in nutrients our diet is lacking and is far superior to store-bought products. According to Dr. Michael Mosely from “Clever Guts Diet” says 60% of all the cultured products they have lab tested did not contain any live probiotics”. It is vital that you make your own.

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Cert. Plant Based Nutrition
Adv. Dip. Horticulture