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Swiss-born, trained in Germany and Australia, Margarita Ruefli has a wealth of experience in complementary health care and nutritional medicine. Her approach to health and nutrition is holistic, based on the four pillars:
  • Good nutrition/food
  • Movement/exercise (cardio)
  • Highest quality supplements
  • Emotion/spirituality/positive thinking

DORN Spinal Therapy and Breuss-Massage

Originating in Germany, this is a gentle treatment of the spine and joints that can relieve back ache as well as pain felt in legs, arms or the head.

DORN can even help with seemingly unrelated symptoms like migraines or digestive disorders and more. It has proven effective where other ap-proaches have not shown results. Margarita combines DORN Spinal Therapy with the Breuss-Massage for a soothing, efficient and very relaxing stretching of the spine.


Usually Margarita practises Deep Soft Tissue Massage. It works deeply into the layers of the muscles in order to sep-arate, relax and tone them. Blood circulation and flexibility is also enhanced. Only high quality oil combined with pure es-sential oils is used.

Swedish Massage is a more relaxing technique, that works rather on the surface of the muscle layers, but still boosts circulation and provides deep relaxation

Both massage techniques are available and are applied ac-cording to the customerís choice.
Neurostructural Integration Technique (NST)

Is an amazing method based on various proven holistic therapies. The main aim of NST is to ease pain and restore the structural integrity of the body. The treatment itself employs a series of very gentle but explicit moves, made in a spe-cific order with pauses, so that the body can react to it. NST can help for count-less conditions and itís certainly worth to consider this astounding treatment.


Reflexology is based on the idea that all the body parts are reflected onto the feet through a system of reflex points. By stimulating these points a reflexologist can help clear blockages and imbalances.
Reflexology has the ability to improve overall well-being including blood circulation, immune defence, lymphatic flow, digestion as well as decrease in pain and/or anxiety and allow good relaxation and deep sleep.

DETOX Foot Spa

This non-invasive treatment helps restore natural equilibrium to the body. Itís a pain-free, pleasant and effective way to Detox the body through the feet. A stream of negative and positive ions re-energises and revitalises the body and helps restore inner balance.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)

The lymphatic system is usually little appreciated for its importance in supporting our health. It is in fact our main waste removal system, mopping up daily toxins and thus enhancing immune defence. Fluid regulation in our body and absorption of excess fluid is another important task.

A MLD treatment can increase the lymph flow for a 10 fold according to scientific studies. Indications for MLD are oedemas (eg in post traumatic conditions to drain bruising and swelling) sinusitis, dentistry, before and/or after long flights. It can also be beneficial to post surgery to enhance healing and prevent scarring, but also to pre surgery by softening and relaxing the tissue.


Over the last 100 years our food and nutritional habits have changed dramatically and it is truer than ever, that ďwe are, what we eatĒ. Along with these changes we also see a massive increase in weight gain/obesity and the many variations of degenerative diseases like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, asthma, other allergies etc. Most alarming is that diseases which were only associated with old age are now already found in children.

With proper nutrition there is a good chance to prevent, reverse or ease these health threats. Be it for weight loss or maintaining/regaining health, Margarita is passionate about supporting you in achieving your goals. Living in a healthy body is the most important ingredient to a happy, long life!

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