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Health Wise Naturopathic Clinic’s Naturopath, Kathleen is Australia’s only Certified Body Type Practitioner. Once you know Your Body Type, Weight Loss is Easy...

Healthwise Natural Therapies - Weight Loss


Dr. Elliot Abravanel developed the Body Type System more than 30 years ago in his medical practice. His research identified four basic body types based on the four major glands which control the metabolism. 

Each of the glands has a job to do producing hormones. Your dominant gland determines your Body Type as follows:

  1.   Thyroid

  2.   Adrenal

  3.   Gonadal ( ovaries – women only) 

  4.   Pituitary

Each body type needs a specific type of nutrition, exercise and supplement program to function at its optimal level. Once you know your body type, you can begin to control cravings, eating binges and any other unhelpful behaviours that prevent you from reaching your ideal weight, fitness or energy level, health and vitality.

Health conditions that may benefit from The Body Type System are:

  • Digestive problems – sluggishness, bloating, IBS

  • Underweight problems

  • Sleep issues

  • Tired or exhaustive states

  • Nervous system problems e.g stress, depression, anxiety, panic attacks

  • PMS and menopausal symptoms

  • Elevated cholesterol and blood pressure 

  • Fluctuations in blood sugar levels

  •   Run down and constantly getting sick

If you have made efforts to lose weight previously and failed, or have lost weight only to gain it back again, the chances are that you have not found the right eating plan for your particular type of metabolism. 


The 8 or 12 week Body Type Program includes:

One Full Body Type Assessment and 8 or 12 follow up sessions.

Skype Consultations are available.

Are you ready to take control of your health and find out what’s right for YOU?

Visit our website to read more about the Body Type System.


Men who’d like to lose some weight or feel better within themselves can also benefit from the body type system – call to chat about your needs and Kathleen can explain how it all works.

Call Kathleen at Health Wise Naturopathic Clinic or click on the ‘Make an Enquiry’ button below to book your appointment with Australia’s only Certified Body Type Practitioner.

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