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Healthy Eats

Leah Marmulla
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Leah the principle Dietitian has lived through her own life and health challenges, and so can relate to many parts of what you may experience.

Healthy Eats

Previously Leah had the insistent need to "get it right!" and her motto for such a long time was that "good enough, is just isn't good enough" These beliefs had been there so long, that they started to cause dis-ease.

Working through my own personal journey led me to consider that life really is what you make of it, and when the chips are down, well you are closer to picking them up!

So, if you feel you
  • are heading towards or are down the slopes of dis-ease;
  • have been diagnosed with heart disease, diabetes, blood pressure, tummy issues, Coeliac disease, food sensitivities, metabolic syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome or even cancer.

If you have woken up today and realised that your tummy has just blow up far too much for comfort, or maybe you looked in the mirror and decided

"Today, I'm going to look after the golden goose" !

or you may of decided to learn new cooking skills to meet your health needs.

Then, Book an appointment with Healthy Eats' Nutritionist/Dietitian, you won't regret it.

Individual Consultations
If you want to be heard, and have your questions answered in your own time, then this is great for you. It is personal, and we can explore the real meanings behind your food choices. The consultation is about helping you understand what is happening in your body, and what you can do to make a difference. It is perfect if you wish to include the emotional reasons for eating or not eating well, and a place for you to be 'OK' in.

The consultation process involves:
  • A comprehensive discussion of
  • what you are doing that is creating your state of health;
  • how you feel about these choices and results,
  • hear the 'Gold Standard' of what can be done and then,
  • you choose to changes to make to achieve your desired outcomes.

Themed Cooking Classes Bookings

Themed Cooking For Health - Detox & Liver Health
Following on from Heart Disease and Diabetes, is Detox and Liver Health. Your liver is the single busiest organ outside of your brain, and it is constantly attempting to balance, clean (detox) and build to maintain health. However, with our lifestyle and choices, we put a lot of stress onto this very important organ. In this week's class, we again use a hands on approach to show you the foods and skill to maximise liver support.
During the night will cook with
  • a variety of herbs and nutrient rich foods that can help your liver cope better with the cleaning side so that it can concentrate on the healing and balancing roles.
  • taste test each food made to ensure it is guest friendly.

A truly fun night where you get to cook, taste, and take home your experience. See you on the night.

Themed Cooking for Health - Gluten Free
Gluten free is almost a buzz word these days. For some it is essential to avoid Gluten at all cost to protect their health, for others, it is a choice to help them feel better. Which ever group you fit into, or you cook for a person with this need, then Gluten Free is perfect for you. You have the space to learn about
  • the how and why of gluten free,
  • what foods are naturally gluten free and which foods have the potential to be dangerous
  • cook, taste and take come yummy dishes that you can spoil yourself and visitors who are gluten reactive.

A truly fun night where you get to cook, taste, and take home your experience. See you on the night.

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