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Healthy Kinect

Kylie Nicholls

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Want to know the secret to improved health, well-being, vitality, and performance Its YOU!
Did you know that your body has its own natural wisdom and healing ability? Tapping into that wisdom is one of the aims of kinesiology.

Healthy Kinect


Healthy Kinect is a single practitioner Kinesiology clinic in Ballarat.

Kylie Nicholls is a kinesiologist and health educator focussed on providing individually tailored sessions to inspire and support YOU to reach your health and lifestyle goals.

It's all about YOU!
YOUR Health; YOUR Goals; YOUR Well-being; YOUR Vitality; YOUR Performance - and most importantly YOUR Responsibility.

Kylie is passionate about sharing the wisdom, wonder and well-being of kinesiology AND inspiring YOU to explore and discover the potential of kinesiology to support YOUR OWN UNIQUE health,well-being and performance needs.


Why Healthy Kinect?

At Healthy Kinect I can work with you to tap into your bodys healing intelligence and tailor a session(s) using a wide range of kinesiology techniques (including muscle balancing; acupressure; reflex points; lymphatic massage; postural analysis; specific body movements; nutritional testing; energy work; emotional stress release; goal setting) and 20 years experience as a physical educator to support your individual health, lifestyle, wellbeing and performance goals.

See the Kinesiology section of this site for an outline of some of the health and lifestyle benefits possible by using the above kinesiology techniques.

Healthy Kinect - Available Sessions & Details

Full Kinesiology Session - $80
A 1-hour session that assesses your energy and body function against a specific issue/goal that you are working with; identifies the related imbalances (structural, nutritional, emotional, energetic) within the body and applies a range of gentle yet powerful balancing techniques to address the imbalance found and ultimately move you towards achieving the goal that you are working with.

Pre-paid Special (1-hour sessions) - 3 sessions: $200

Extended Kinesiology session - $110
A 1.5-hour session that allows for a more in-depth assessment and correction of energy, body function and associated imbalances (structural, nutritional, emotional, energetic) related to the specific issue/goal that you are working with.

See the Kinesiology section of this site for full details of 'what happens during a Healthy Kinect Kinesiology session'

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