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Healthy Life 4 U
Healthy Life 4 U offers Functional therapy to map your  health.  
Functional Therapy is the medicine of WHY - why is this symptom occurring now and in this way.. what’s at the root of the problem. Healthy Life 4 U values functional medicine and will assist you to find out WHY!

Healthy Life 4 U


Functional health is the therapy of the future, being non invasive, fast and may have the ability to assist the body- making it into an excellent preventative therapy.


Functional Therapy  combines the latest innovations in altternative health and efficiency of treatment

It is a therapy that uses various methods that is:


    • non-invasive


    • painless

Our body was designed to take care of itself by producing certain compounds, hormones and generating cells that specialise in attacking harmful invaders.

But in our modern world, the body is under a constant onslaught from:

    • pathogens


    • toxins in our environment


    • toxins in our food

I have had over 30 years experience in the health industry, having acquired a great deal of knowledge and experience in assisting people with their health issues. Why have I morphed into a Functional Therapist? These are the therapies that healed me thoroughly from my own health issues. I have witnessed and been involved with many people whose lives were turned around due to this therapy and rejoiced in the success we have had in renewing their health. This is the science of physics, not chemistry. It is the future.

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  • Certified Advanced Sensitiv Imago Practitioner
  • Certified Sensitiv Imago practitioner
  • Diploma of Bowen
  • Diploma of Biochemic Medicine
  • Advanced Cert. NST
  • Cert of Massage
  • Cert of Peristaltic Massage
  • Cert Aromatherapy
  • Cert. Counselling and Grief Counselling
  • Certificate in Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy
  • Certificate IV in Training & Assesment
  • Certified MiHealth practitioner
  • Certificate in TFT therapy
  • Cert. Synergetix


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