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Healthy Life Carine

Servicing area: Duncraig, Western Australia

Arthritis Lifestyle Hormone testing ...
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Healthy Life Carine

The naturopathic philosophy is that the body can heal itself if given the right conditions.
Naturopathy is a collection of healing systems including nutritional, herbal and lifestyle principles based medicine
Naturopathy aims to:
Minimise acute symptoms
Support the bodies vital force (capacity to self heal)
Rebalances the system so that illness is less likely to occur
Educate the patient to look after their own health and the health of their family

We treat an array of different health complaints - fatigue, detoxification. liver and digestive health, fertility, hormonal disorders, immune issues, stress, childrens health, skin complaints....... just to name a few

She is also trained in salivary hormone testing, Hair tissue mineral analysis and blood testing for food allergies are available.


Stress a word used more than we would like – it conjures up different meanings and emotions for people. Some people its worry, fear, physical stress, going through a life changing event… for some its emotion driven, family, friends, work colleagues and for others its situation built work, finance, traffic etc… It feels we are less in control of our emotions than we are the rest of our lives. Faye works with the adrenal glands in a holistic manner ensuring that they are supported and not affecting the rest of our body.


Here at the clinic female hormone balance is treated often! Faye specialises in salivary hormone testing, and creating a natural programme based on those individual results. PMS, menopause, fertility, irregular/painful periods and male hormone imbalances all come under this heading.


The research and advance in natural therapies in regards to auto immune disorders has been huge in the last few years Faye has had the pleasure of being involved in alot of this and has had huge success with treating an array of these disorders including polymyalgia, allergies, alopecia, rheumatoid arthritis, eczema and psoriasis.


Faye considers this to be the key to any health change and has a huge interest and commitment to aiding her patients in the transition from what they eat now to making their new diet as tasty (if not better!) than before! If you are coeliac, vegetarian, IBS sufferer .... there is a world of delicious foods availiable! Infant to adult the possibilities are endless.


We are one of Perths most busy and successful Health food stores, open 7 days a week 9-6. Our friendly, informative and helpful staff are here to assist you. We have a huge range of - supplements, foods, natural cleaning products, natural skin and hair care, body building, homeopathics and much more.

The first MONDAY (plus the associated Saturday and Sunday) of the month are DISCOUNT days - 20% off any store products (not including practioner items and discounted stock).


MINI CONSULTATION - 30 minutes includes short consultation, iridology and advice.

FULL INITIAL CONSULTATION - 60 minutes includes a full in depth consutation, iridology, a comprehensive written health protocol and tour next visit FREE.

SUPPLEMENT REVIEW - 30 minutes. Are you confused about what to take? have you got a cabinet full of supplements? Not sure whats best for you? this will take care of this quickly, efficiently and economically.

REPEATS - check in's, complete review and ongoing maintenece for long term health.

IRIDOLOGY ONLY - A look into the eyes to find out whats happening within the body.
Basic $20.00/ Full report $50.00

Naturopath available Tuesday - Saturday 9-6

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Healthy Life Carine