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Reiki was developed by Dr Usui a Japanese Buddhist in 1922.

Healys Natural Therapies - Reiki

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Carrum Downs & surrounding suburbs

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Trauma Love Stress management Well-being Natural medicine Optimal health

Reiki is a safe, non-invasive, powerful and gentle form of energy healing. Reiki improves the body’s intrinsic healing capacities and promotes wellness. Reiki is a one of a kind type of life force (energy) that is only able to be channelled by an individual who is aligned and in tune with it, this individual is called a channel. Reiki healing is able to work on blockages and disruptions in our energy field and allows life force energy to flow in a healthy and natural way. Reiki is a holistic and therapeutic modality that has a wide range of benefits for all clients on emotional, mental and physical levels. The reason that we are living is because of the life force energy that flows through us. When this flow is blocked or is disrupted this may cause emotional, mental stress, trauma, physical distress, and false belief systems.

Reiki is able to heal the client as it clears any blockages in the energy fields, re-balancing and repairing the energy so that the body is able to function at its optimal level.

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Reiki Energy Healing Treatments

Counselling Life Coaching Flower Essences Holistic Counselling Energy Healing Reiki Crystal Therapy
$95 Per hour

Sessions run for 1 hr, we begin with a consultation and proceed to table work ( Laying of Crystals, Reiki, Chakra Rebalance and Aligment, Adminster Essence and Essential Oils.) We conclude with a discussion on your treatment and wellness plan moving forwa

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