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Hearing Hands

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Release your Pain and go Forward ...

Hearing Hands

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Newmarket, Queensland

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Shoulder pain Pregnancy support Emotions Stroke Well-being Stress management

Holistic Therapies - which one is right for you?

Marion offers you a diverse range of treatments depending on your condition and preferences. Choose from:
  • The Horstmann Technique;
  • Lymphatic Drainage;
  • Deep Tissue Massage;
  • Reiki;
  • Walking;
  • Kahuna Bodywork;
  • Hawaiian Floorwork.

About Marion

My guarantee is that I will care for you as I would do for myself.

Hearing Hands

All the therapies offered by Hearing Hands are conducted with the client’s needs in mind—what might be good for one person may not suit another. Typically one treatment may be sufficient although if your condition is more severe, further treatments may be beneficial.

Suitable for adults, children and mothers-to-be.

Release your pain and go forward ...

Hearing Hands offers you holistic therapies to calm and rejuvenate Marion offers you a diverse range of treatments depending on your condition and preferences.

Investing in yourself doesn’t cost a fortune.

Health Fund rebates available.

Choose your treatment or ask Marion which one would be best for you.

Fascial Release
This therapy works with the fascia. The Fascia wraps around every muscle and body organs. If you have had an injury it is as if the tissue becomes displaced and restriction of an area may be the result. Correction of the fascia can bring about balance to the tissue and remove pain. It is a very gentle therapy suitable for all ages. This therapy is conducted through loose clothing.

The Horstmann Technique
This subtle, energy-based body therapy involves the therapist holding specific points on the client’s body, whilst maneuvering their leg, arm or foot. It is recommended for anyone who has back, shoulder or neck problems, also gynocological problems. The therapy can facilitates the release of unresolved emotional stresses. If you are ready for the process, this technique can release blocked energy to allow you to flow along your life’s path much more easily.

Energy renewal, hands-on, healing using the lightest of touches. Sometimes the therapist’s hands will barely touch at all. By gently rebalancing your energies, you will feel deeply calm and simply GREAT!

Are you out of balance? Have your walking technique observed and corrected.

Ka-Huna Massage and Bodywork
The therapist dances as she is doing this massage, using hands, arms and elbows to create a larger surface area touching the body with long rhythmic, flowing strokes. You will be gently rocked as both soft and deeper tissues of the body are worked upon. This technique is also suitable as a pregnancy massage.

Hawaiian Floorwork
This technique includes gentle body stretches, beginning with the back of the body, then the front. The result of these stretching exercises give insight to help the client determine energy or emotional blockages. It is carried out wearing loose clothing and leaves you feeling wonderfully loose and free. With the added insight as to where you need to do the work for your own body and wellbeing.

Deep Tissue Massage
This massage technique heals deep muscle spasm. Aids in the release of trapped energy. Excellent for back, neck and shoulder pain. Minimal clothing to be worn for easy flow of massage.
All treatments are given in a private, safe environment.

Lymphatic Drainage
This works with the Lymph System clearing and cleaning. This therapy is time intensive and the client needs to rest for half an hour after treatment. The client is also instructed how to use the technique to help themselves. Being taught Lymphatic breathing is also a very important part of the therapy.

Marion's aim is to educate, for you are your own healer and Marion is the facilator of this process. To heal takes effort and work but most of all to appreciate the self and realise what a wonderful instrument the body is and to treat it like a Temple for it houses Your Soul. All illness is teaching us something about ourselves.

Bringing body, mind and emotions together through the healing power of touch

May you be led to my door

“Why would you fly with the tiny wings of a sparrow when the might wings of an eagle have been given to you.”

Getting In Touch with Your Inner Self

Firstly, sit in a chair, with your back straight, hands on your knees, feet flat on the floor, and close your eyes.

Then go into your body-Exploring from the inside, by starting from the top of your head. down into the chest, down the arms one at a time, Remember on the inside. Then back into the chest, abdomen, legs. Move into the back, are you sitting on the chair properly? Then go up the spine to the back of the neck. Then sit there for a moment breathing in and out seeing if you can feel the air on your top lip. Also that the breath is expanding the abdomen and that you are not cutting your breath off.

See what you notice, what was your experience e.g. you may find your right side is pulled forward, with one buttock on the chair and the other buttock raised up of the seat.

Sit with this a few moments, and then go through feelings of the five senses:

Sense of Sound - Listen for distant sounds! then close by, ----- and then own breath, and then see if you can hear own heart beat.

Sense of Touch -Experience how the breeze or air feels on your face and exposed skin. Then how your cloths feel on your body as you breathe in and out and can you feel the breath on your top lip.?

Sense of Sight - Quickly open and close your eyes taking in the colour e.g. no other detail as this will take us back into our head rather than experiencing it from the heart as we are trying to come from our heart.

Sense of Taste -what can you taste?

Sense of Smell -what can you smell?

Sit with this awhile and every time your mind goes off to do the shopping list e.g. become distracted. Bring in a “SENSE”, to bring you back to your centre.

Your body will also relax and you will see that the muscles let go and you do sit in the chair correctly.

Also every time you go to do something like e.g. pick up a book, “Pause”, take in a deep breath and what you will find is that you begin to focus better on everything and that you experience and achieve more in a day.

You will be surprised at how much you have accomplished in that day. Record your successes in your journal with thanks every day.

Practise, Practise and Practise.

“Happiness is a Journey - Not a Destination”.

Namaste (when that part in you meets that part in me.}

Love Marion

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