Heart Centred Reiki


Stawell VIC 3380

Servicing area: Black Range, Northern Grampians, Stawell, Ararat, Horsham, Ballarat

Focus area: Telehealth Energetic healing

A 12 hour course held over two days in the beautiful peaceful surrounds of Black Range at the foot of Gariwerd/Grampians National Park.

This course, based on the Traditional Japanese teachings provides everything that you need to know to give the gift of Reiki to yourself or your friends and family


Heart Centred Reiki - Level 1 Reiki Training

This accredited Traditional Usui Reiki 1 class covers everything required for you to start your Reiki journey or to start your self-healing.

The Course covers :

What is Reiki                                                                       

History of THE USUI System of REIKI                                         

The Fundamentals                                                                 

Reiki Pillars                                                                   

Reiki Precepts                                                               



Hand Position for Others                                                

Hand Position for Self                                                     

Practising Reiki                                                             

Guidelines for Reiki practise                                            

Reiki in a Pandemic                                                                   

Reiki Lineage     

You leave with a student manual, new Reiki friends, a new healing modality at your fingertips.                                                               

Qualification details

Reiki Master Teacher Traditional Usui Reiki

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