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Heartfelt Healing Therapies

Kylie Coad

Carwoola ACT 2620

Servicing area: Queanbeyan, Canberra & surrounding suburbs

Heartfelt Healing Therapies

Birthing a baby is one of the most transformative events in the cycle of life, and having a doula by your side could make all the difference to how you welcome your baby into this world.

Doula Services

Professional pre and post natal Doula services.

I can teach you how to:

  • Tap into that primal instinct by getting out of your head, into your heart, and trust your body completely.

  • Welcome your baby into this world with informed choice, focus, freedom, and purpose.

  • Discover empowerment and stillness within the birth journey

1) Wholly Nourished

  • Full labour support at home and at Hospital.

  • Three pre and postnatal appointments (3 hours each) including debrief, birth education and preparation.

  • Two pamper sessions of your choice.

  • Complimentary Childcare session within the first three months after birth, for 3 hours.

2) Home is Where the Heart is: Homebirth Doula support with an independent midwife

  • Full labour support plus two pre and postnatal appointments (3 hours each), including debrief, choice of Birth Education or Pamper Session

  • Complimentary Childcare Session within the first three months after birth, for 3 hours.

3) Mother Me: Doula birth support

  • Full labour support plus one pre and postnatal appointment (3 hours each).

  • Birth education or planning and pampering support.

4) Pregnancy Support or Post Natal sessions

  • 3 hours minimum

  • Purposeful birth education and planning.

  • Partner support.

  • Massage techniques, birth positions, and breathwork.

5) Mother Care: Doula by my side postnatal care

  • 3 hours minimum

  • Emotional support, feeding and settling baby.

  • Light housecleaning duties such as vacuuming, washing up, hanging washing, dusting, cleaning bathrooms, sweeping, mopping

  • Running errands, caring for baby and/or siblings while you sleep, shower, bathe or enjoy a pamper session e.g. massage or haircut.

6) Payment plans
As my intention is to offer Doula services that are financially accessible to ALL women, payment plans are available. Please contact me to tailor a package to suit you and your family.

T: 0402 078 003


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