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Member since
Jan 2010

Heart-Full Therapies

Contact Name Kosta Constantinou
Phone 03 9824 6265
Mobile 0411 565 521
Address Level 1
234 Albert Rd
South Melbourne VIC 3205
Servicing Areas Malvern, Richmond, Hawthorn, Southbank, Armadale, South Yarra Glen Iris, St Kilda, Melbourne

Heart-Full Therapies

About Kosta Constantinou

With over 15 years of solid and demonstrated clinical experience as a Fully Qualified Practitioner of Complementary Therapies, Kosta has had a keen interest in healing and how the body heals and stays healthy. This interest started as a young boy healing his family and friends through massage.

Today that astute interest and commitment is still ever presently alive with his consistency and commitment to his own development of vital health. Kosta’s warmth, care and understanding supports people in becoming aware of their issues, or what holds them back from living there own potential, which in turn assists his clients to connect to what has ailed them. As a result of this, many people have felt inspired to make choices that have supported them to truly heal.

Treatments range from body work including chakra puncture, esoteric healing, nutritional advice, herbal advice, consulting and more. Kosta works in unity with other health care professionals in the best interests of his client’s and refers them where applicable to support their greatest optimum health.

Kosta with his inner wisdom is deeply caring and his warm nature supports others to open up with genuine ease - this in turn allows his clients to begin their healing process naturally.

Kosta clinical focus is in:

  • Stress disorders

  • Womens health

  • Mens health

  • Muscelo-skeletal disorders

  • Digestive disorders

  • Heart Health


Specialised detox programs

We all hold stress and unwanted toxins and emotions in our body, this comes from how we live. i.e.; our life style and choices.

A Specialised Dextox Program, designed to suit the individual helps clear these unwanted toxins and stresses whilst boosting the natural ability to heal and stay healthy.

Self development programs

We all have levels of self doubt and lack of confidence, our bodies mimic these moods. These programs are designed for you to become more aware of these levels of self doubt and lack of self confidence, understand why there are there and discover that we have a choice and the power to move through them.

Vitality boosting programs

Most of us live with a lack of true vitality, when was the last time you awoke truly vital?

This program is designed to reconnect to our (true) vitality. In this program you become aware of the choices you made you that made you feel devitalised and discover that you have a choice to support your vitality to return.

Nervous system programs

Our nervous system is the first system which bears the force of our environment, this pressure leads our bodies to take on this force which we call stress, tension after being in this pressure for a while a myriad of symptoms and conditions can arise which can then become normal for us. The Nervous system program supports the body to let go of this pressure (force) so we can give our bodies a opportunity for its most natural state to arise and return to balance.

For more information or to make an enquiry contact Kosta today!!

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