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Contact & Location Information
Contact Name Heartspace
Servicing Areas Windsor, Queensland
Mobile 0401725230

Guided Meditation Sessions and Inspirational Workshops



Zeina would like to welcome you to Heartspace.

From my own life experience I have learned that it is not what happens to you in life that matters as much as how you choose to react. This is what shapes who you are and the person you become.

I am now taking bookings for my open eye meditation classes. They will be held on Thursday evenings starting on the 23rd February 2012. They will cost $20 per person. They will be run from Windsor. These meditations will be run as a group of lessons, each one will build on the other and gradually you will learn how to experience some very peaceful and potentially powerful states of bliss. You will learn how to perceive the world that is right infront of you in a new vibrant way.

If you want to learn how to move away from stress and constantly feeling rushed and busy in your life to feel more peace and serenity, then this is perfect for you. I will only be taking 8 people so book quickly. You can contact me on 0401725230.

For testimonials on my meditation classes please go to my website at

For some information that will help guide you through the year 2012 go to my website - and choose the tab that says 2012. I will continue to update this as the year progresses.

Meditation Sessions

Individual Consultations

One on one meditation consultations. If you are not sure how to relax and meditate effectively and you would like talk about some of your meditation challenges, then this would be ideal for you.

If you experience a busy mind and do not know how to switch off and relax then this would be an ideal opportunity for you to learn some techniques that can assist you to relax.

If you would just like to experience a more personalised meditation, or would like to take your meditation to a deeper and more profound level then contact Zeina on 0401725230 to book a session.

Meditation Products

All Meditation products website

If you are interested in purchasing any meditation books or cds or any spiritual items. You can find them at The Mystical Haven which can be found at


Meditation workshop

If you have always been curious about meditation then this might be the workshop for you. We will talk about why we meditate, how to meditate and some methods of meditation. I will also share with you some things that I have learned to incorporate in my own meditation practice that has enabled me to experience some wonderful life benefits.

1. Introductory - You are what you think (learning to find that peacful place within)

This workshop will gently teach you about your thoughts and to how cope with unwanted or unhealthy thoughts. You will learn some methods on how to lesson the intensity of your thinking mind and find more peace within.

2. You are what you think (learning how to transform your life)
This is part two of the previous workshop and will go on to explain how stress can arise and how you can transform your life by understanding the important role our thoughts play in our lives. Our thoughts create how we feel and our actions can often arise by how we feel and what we percieve we are seeing.

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Meditation, Spiritual Healing