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Heart Wisdom
“the heart of women”
Lynette Duncan-Gardiner
Creative Intuitive Counselling
Life Enhancing Mentoring

Intuition is the language of our soul. We are all born with a profound sense of inner knowing. It’s one of the greatest gifts we possess; it keeps us connected to our Higher Self, the Universe and Divine Spirit.
John Holland
So why do we ignore it?

Heart Wisdom Creative Intuitive Mentoring & Art Therapy

Intuitive Mentoring

Re-connecting with the Inherent Intuitive Self

We have been conditioned to seek answers, solutions and meaning outside ourselves. Yet all the while the answers and/or solutions are hidden deep within. We just haven’t been encouraged to explore our guidance map. Everybody has at some time in their lives experienced some sense of intuitiveness; of knowing something would happen before it happened; or that ‘gut feeling’ that something just doesn’t feel right. That is your Inherent Intuitive Self speaking to you. It’s an integral part of you. You just haven’t used it as often as your other senses and so it appears foreign and you ignore it, or simply do not hear it speaking.

Guiding you to re-connect

That’s where I come in, to guide you in learning more about, and trusting, your Inherent Intuitive Self and utilising its ‘guidance’ in everyday life.

Each of us has a strong six sense but in each of us this manifests differently. Mine is Clairsentience or Empathic which means ‘clear feeling’ and Claircognise ‘inner sense of knowing’. I am able to feel the energy of others and connect with Spirit. Tuning into the feelings and emotions of others opens up a pathway between Spirit, my Self, and my client. I apply the resultant understanding and insights to my clients’ concerns or issues, and identify people that are influencing my clients’ lives. This gives the client clarity about, and confirmation of, what they already intuitively know about the situation but were unable to bring into awareness.

The Process

In a session of Creative Intuitive Mentoring , we start by unfolding the story as you would in a regular counselling session. As you unfold your story I intuitively connect with your Inherent Intuitive self (or Higher Self). Then it’s much like a navigating system. I search for the places within you that have become hidden from you or obscured through fear, habit or lack of awareness.

Session: $180 Approximately 1hr
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Life Enhancing Mentoring

Life Enhancing Mentoring is a program, which focuses on each key area of your life. Human beings have a set of needs that can be said to form a hierarchy. In the 1950s, Abraham Maslow described these differentiated needs in his Hierarchy of Needs. Sometimes we place greater emphasis on one area of our lives to the detriment of other areas. This imbalance tips us off centre and it is often a real struggle to re-establish balance.

Life Enhancing Mentoring works to re-establish the balance so that we are better placed to make quality choices to create the life we were naturally born to manifest.

The best way to explain this is by illustration. Image yourself as a tree.
We start at the roots. The roots need to be nourished and protected. They require space to be free to grow in a healthy way. The root system connects the tree to the earth. When the right conditions are met, the tree grows into its natural shape. It moves through each season, responding to the changes intuitively. With winter comes rest and hibernation; then with spring, there is new growth - blossoming and fruiting. Summer is also a celebration of life. Then autumn is a shedding of old foliage and the cycle begins again.
The more we move into greater self-awareness, the more ’tree-like’ we become – not resisting the changes we must face in our lives but rather embracing them as life-affirming and necessary for continued growth in all aspects of the Self to ensure we are finally at the highest level of need fulfillment –self-actualisation and meaningfulness.

The first session usually takes an hour and a half, so we can establish a foundation to work through, them the re mapping begins. I intuitively tune in to the particular area you wish to work with and then we set about mapping a plan of action.
Intuitive planning and re mapping your purpose with positive intent, mapping out a beginning and middle, and opening up possibilities to expand on your initial plan are your first steps in achieving your goal (s). It is essential to focus on gathering intuitive information that is given to you, through quieting the mind and listening with you heart. To manifest your vision in reality, you must BELIEVE and TRUST unconditionally to give it life.

Your life begins to flow at your full potential, just my trusting and having faith in your own intuit self as you have learnt to intuitively read your life challenges negative or positive and see them with clarity.

Session $180 - 1 hr. (Includes Journal )

Medium/Psychic Guidance Readings

Working with my guides and/or love ones, I am the conduit between our world and the spirit world. Spirit will give guidance that they feel will benefit you in your relationships with others and your general life. These readings are to give you insight to the world around you and your on your path.

45 mins: $110- 1 hour $150
30 mins: $75
Skype available

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