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Julia Gourevitch

1/119 Gardenvale rd
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Servicing area: Gardenvale, Victoria

Welcome to Heavenly Feet


Here at Heavenly Feet we strongly believe that wellbeing is our birthright.

Heavenly Feet




Due to ongoing environmental stresses and pressures of day to day life we lose our balance and this over an extended period can result in disease.

It is our primary goal to assist you to discover that balance once more and return to perfect health that we understand to mean the harmony of the Body, Mind and Spirit. When we can achieve this, the world around you will change into one of joy and tranquillity. We invite you to come in and experience this transformation for yourself.

Hours of operation

By prior appointment only


All healing, Theta healing sessions
1hour( only option) $180
Initial consultation 1.5 hour $210

Maternity reflexology
Intuitive reflexology
1hour $120
( no 30min option)
With healing $180

Reiki $180



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