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Heidi Silver

Nundah QLD 4012

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Reiki, Energy Healing & Space Clearing

Every Space Has a Silver Lining

Heidi Silver

About Me

I am an intuitive healer. I have studied and learnt many modalities over the past 17 years and worked hands on for years as a massage therapist and energy healer for 9 years. I have been doing space clearing for 9 years and love the shift and change it creates in people’s lives. It works well along with clearing clutter and organisation in the home and office.

"Why do I love this work"

I want you to have an extraordinary happy and blessed life. Clearing clutter and Space Clearing shifts energy and creates change, harmony, balance and sacredness in your home and life. I encourage you to be open, trust and believe in these processes, they do work. I continuously get amazed at the results and changes I see in peoples lives. Things they couldn’t even see possible or imagine. It gets me excited and the joy I receive in making a difference in peoples lives is why I do this.

From Nothing
To Something
To Everything

Qualification details

Angelic Reiki Master Teacher© 

Diamond Light Activation Healing

Diploma in Remedial Therapies

Space Clearing

Elemental Space Clearing®

Usui Reiki level 1 & 2

Heart Resonance level 1-3

Triangles Of Light

Kinesiology Touch for Health 1-4

Cranial Kinesiology 1-3

Australian Bush Flower Essences

White Light Essences

Astrology & Bush Flower Essences

Crystal Awareness & Gridding

Crystal Elemental Healing

Colour Chakra Massage

Numerology workshops

Astrology workshops

Interior Decorating

Service categories

This practitioner provides online consults
Heidi Silver - Reiki & Energy Healing & Space Clearing