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Helena Gallagher

Helena Gallagher Hypnotherapy Workx

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Helena is a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Ego State Therapist and has qualifications in counselling psychology including solution oriented therapy, NLP, EFT, Grief relief and Pain management.Clinical appointments are available at Maryborough.Trust in the power of your own mind and the process.Re-invent trust in yourself and in having the ability to find your own inner resources.Take your first step and inquire now for assistance in making the change you've been wanting.Remember, nothing can be gained by quitting!

Helena Gallagher Hypnotherapy Workx

Servicing area

Maryborough, Vic (Central Goldfields)

Focus areas

Indecision Growth Sports performance Anxiety Grief Resource therapy

Ego State Resource Therapy and Hypnotherapy are safe, relaxing and effective therapies in initiating changes you've been wanting but unable to commence and achieve on your own.
Sessions promote meaningful conversations and with the application of Ego State Therapy and Solution Oriented Hypnosis, can provide very insightful help to relieve and resolve issues such as
- Troublesome personal problems
- Past traumas
- Anxiety and panic attacks
- Phobias
- Unwanted behaviours or habits
- Managing pain, loss and grief.

Hypnotherapy and Ego State Therapy can provide assistance in

- Effective weight loss, including the Sheila Grainger Virtual Gastric Band
Technique for effective, safe Weight Loss
- Healthier living
- Quit smokiing
- Grief relief
- Pain management
- Self esteem and confidence
- Sports performance
- Ending unwanted habits and behaviours
- Indecision
- Improving personal performance
- Improved exam performance
- Achieving your goals

Helena's sessions help you to confidently effect the positive change you've been wanting, allowing you to feel relief and release, leading to a greater feeling of well-being, more trust in yourself and your own abilities and can be inspiring for you to further achieve personal growth.

When you are ready to make a change to enhancing your daily life and would like a helping hand in making the transition, take the first step by simply phoning or emailing for an appointment - you will be so pleased you've taken some action to make the changes you've been wanting.

Available times can include weekends and evenings.

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