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Spiritual Healer

Menopause Motivation Joy ...

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I have had many profound results with my healing. It's a unique gift.

Spiritual Healer

Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing focuses on improved health and wellbeing, for Mind, Body and Spirit

Tired of no Energy?


Suffering from Chrionc Illnesses?

Struggling with depression or addictions?

Lacking in motivation?.

My Spiritual healing comes directly from my healing Guide "Schmeyer", it's a gentle, safe, energy-based technique that flows from my hands to the client. The energy can be delivered face to face or remotely, as there is no physical contact and may be used for almost any ailment or imbalance, for mind, body and spirit.

This energy can release, balance, energise, calm or soothe, depending on what is needed. If required people can enjoy the benefits of a healing session in their own home or in hospital, to help reduce stress and speed the recovery process. Relaxation, a sense of peace and well being, reduction in pain or discomfort and improvemtn in symptoms are just a few of the many benefits my clients have experienced.

Spiritual Healing can produce: -

Better Sleep
Restores Energy Levels
Clarity of Mind
Less Stress Levels
Pain Reduction back, neck headaches etc.
Boosts Immune System
Eases symptoms of Anxiety and Depression
Relieves symptoms of Trigeminal Neuralgia giving a better quality of life.
Provides help with Addictions
Provides help for smokers by clearing the lungs
Help with symptoms of Menopause and symptoms of Vertigo.

Sessions are $85.00 - Allow around one hour could be a liittle more or less time. I work directly with Spirit who know how much time is needed, I only stop when the Energy from Spirit stops flowing through my hands.

Since Spiritual Healing does not involve physical contact sessions can be face to face or remotely.


For six years I suffered from Trigeminal Neuralgia, a condition that causes sheer agony in the face and jaw, frequently quoted as "the most painful condition known to medical sciene." Having undergone neurosurgery and taking an increasingly strong cocktail of tablets the pain continued. Then, of course, I suffered from the many side effects of the medication.

It was with initial skepticism I first visited Helen. I was desperate enough and ready to try anything.

I simply can not describe the improvement that has been achieved in only six weeks since my initial visit. Despite not even being physically touched. I have frequently experienced painless but noticeable sensations in my jaw and face.

Now, I am sleeping better, making my medication more effective. My pain has virtually gone and I am talking comfortably for the first time in many months. My energy levels and ability to concentrate and be more active have returned. Friends and family have commented upon the obvious improvements.

Whilst not a "magical" solution, in my case it feels that way. Certainly its effectiveness has been remarkable.

Although any other individual may have a problem that is very different from mine, I can not recommend Helen more highly.

She gave me my life back.

Tuesday, 17 th November, 2009

I have a lot of butterflies (nerves), in my stomach every morning before I go to school. My Mum suggested we visit Helen to help my anxiety settle down. I've seen Helen 3 or 4 times now and she is really nice. Helen gave me this Crystal after she had held it was really warm like nearly hot it was all the healing inside to help my butterfies fly away. The Cystal lives under my mattress and when I start to get that my feeling in my tummy I hold the Crystal on my stomach for a little bit and the butterflies fly way.

Thanks Helen

Lisa 9 Years Old
27th November, 2010

Personalized Healing Crystals

My healing guide Schmeyer puts energy into crystals especially for the your needs...
They ar personalized and work for many aliments including -

Better Quality of Sleep
Boosts Immune System
More Energy
Stress Relief
Beneficial to hold when Meditating

Why a Personalized Crystal?

Every aura is different as every face, so every crystal has different Spiritual healing energy for the clients needs and Aura. Once the energy is in the crystal it will never wear off will last the clients lifetime.

When the crystal has been energized it is advised to place under your mattress or carry in your handbag.

These can be brought face to face at my healing Clinic or remotely.

Cost is $65.00
Plus postsage and handling if sending to you..

Qualification details

It's a gift healing guide Schmeyer has taught me how to connect into her dimension. She enters our side of life through me, her power comes through the back of my neck then down my arms then hands to the client.

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