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Henk Spierings Trauma Therapist

Henk Spierings


Henk Spierings Trauma Therapist

Trauma Therapist

Henk Spierings Trauma Therapist

I work with your body disorders, and your pain and discomfort. Experience has shown me that much of this is the result of trauma. The work involves touch and movement. That doesn't mean we don't talk, it just means that there is more emphasis on your body.

As we work, and develop a growing picture of you, we develop a moving diagnosis as a basis to plan sessions and have a goal to work towards.

Good therapy in 2020 means feedback after every session, to make sure we are on the right track. Before each session, we will spend a few minutes reviewing the previous session, and will work according to that.

I encourage you to do self care and self awareness outside of the work. I might point you in the direction of some resources, and I might give you some work to do as well. In the mean time, if you want a quick phone chat, let me know.

(My fees for 2020 are $70 a session.)

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Henk Spierings Trauma Therapist