Homeopathic Education & Research Association

The Homeopathic Education and Research Association (HERA) was formed in Melbourne 1983. Its aims and objectives are to help Australian homeopaths expand their knowledge and develop their competency in homeopathy.

Homeopathic Education & Research Association

Servicing area

Richmond, Victoria

HERA offers a network to support the learning of many aspects of homeopathic principles and practice. Ongoing professional education is provided by homeopaths and other health care professionals for the homeopathic profession.

In pursuing these goals HERA has been influenced through contact with the Institute of Clinical Research (ICR) in India. The ICR is one of the foremost educational institutes for homeopathic practice and research in the world today. The ICR has perceived the need to develop an integrated approach to case taking, analysis and synthesis. It is committed to achieving a balance between the art and the science of homeopathy.

HERA is a dynamic professional organisation whose activities include:
  • bi-monthly webinars for students and practitioners
  • providing professional homeopathic care to the wider community via charity health clinic
  • social & professional peer support

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