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We here at Health & Balance Natural Therapy Clinic offer holistic reflexology treatments, aromatherapy and full body deep tissue massage to all of our customers.

Smoothie/ RAW food workshops on Sundays 1pm-4pm only $59, this includes the smoothies, lunch, dessert and notes

About Us

We offer detoxification packages to suit our individuals' needs

Below is some information about our practitioners, as well as a few testimonials from our happy clients.

About Susanna Amalia
Susanna Amalia utilizes techniques from Europe and South America to rejuvenate and re-energize you!

Susanna has been trained by Dr Roland Heber in Energy Medicine. Susanna specialises in the Bioresonance therapy / Wave Ranger approved by the Therapeutic Goods Association. This device is from Austria and is used by Doctors and Therapists world wide to increase energy Levels, reduce stress, lose weight and feel younger.

Susanna is an NES Practitoner, Nutritionist, Reiki Master, NLP Practitoner, Quantum Touch Therapist, Reflexologist, Massage Therapist. (Completed Certification of Modern Hypnosis; The Tad James Co.)
Susanna worked with Dr Igor Tabrizian and during this time she gained a lot of experience in Nutritional Medicine.

About Dr Fiona Foster
Dr Fiona Foster was trained by Dr Igor Tabrizian. She is a very skilled Nutritional Medicine Doctor. Fiona brings number of years of expertise together with her compasionate nature.

"It is helping with the healing of my body along with clearing my negative patterns. I get a boost from it! It assists my concepting/ visualization. It is a great tool for anyone wanting better health".
- Dr Keith Maitland (CHIROPRACTOR)

"I had back surgery a year ago and I had a real struggle to set my health back in order.
A friend of mine recommended Susanna. I visited Susanna four weeks ago. I have followed her recommendations, I took 7.2 protein powder, specially for vegan, contains 30 mineral, the results are amazing!!! I lost 10 kilograms in 3 weeks."
- Ann, WA

"After meeting Susanna and experiencing her incredible energy and exuberance for life, I was intrigued to learn how she became that way. I then attended one of her Raw Food Workshops. I learned about the importance of alkalinity, how to properly combine ingredients to make an ideal green smoothie, and other raw meal recipes. I have now been to more workshops than can be counted on both my hands, with each one presenting new and fresh information, as well as solidifying the basics. I highly recommend seeking Susanna's wisdom and attending one of her Raw Food workshops."
- Dylan Winnington, WA

"I feel so blessed to know this amazing person that you are. Thank you for all your caring and help in my journey!"
- Marie Michelle, WA

"Thank you Susanna for all your help all through this time, you are an Angel on this earth!"
- Samantha Dodo, WA

"You are a gift that God had put on my path. God bless."
- Marie Bonne WA

"I highly recommend Susanna to anyone wanting to explore the road to vibrant health!"
- Marita Mason, Spiritual Coach and Healer

"I suffered migraines for a period of 15 years, I could not find the cure after trying different methods. I have been attending Susanna's monthly program and after 6 months on her program, I am now totally FREE of migraines and I AM ABLE TO BE FREE OF PAIN KILLERS! THANK YOU SO MUCH Susanna!"
- Jules WA

"For several years I suffered from Diabetes2 and I have been battling to reduce my blood sugar levels which were high as 16 - 20. Thanks to Susanna my blood sugar levels are now 5 -7."
- Toni Winron

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