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Focus area: Anxiety Depression Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) ...

Hilltop Hypnotherapy – Margaret Muscat provides Clinical Hypnosis and Strategic Psychotherapy, and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) to treat clients with Anxiety, Depression, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). 

Hilltop Hypnotherapy

About Margaret Muscat

I provide a safe and confidential private practice in Mulgoa, NSW. I also provide online therapy through Zoom if required. My 25years of struggle with Depression and Anxiety was ongoing until I hit rock-bottom then seeking Clinical Hypnotherapy which helped get my life back in balance and create a new mindset. Years later after raising my family in 2018 I studied and became the Therapist or qualified to help others what I have learned and lived and pass my knowledge and learned strategies to implement a changed mindset and patterns to better mental health, change limiting beliefs which changed my life. Life has it’s struggles and mountains to climb, yet together the journey can be easier with help and guidance.

“When life changes to be harder, change yourself to be stronger.” Margaret Muscat


  • ANXIETY-Having a better understanding of Anxiety trying to know the outcome before a specific event has happened and predicting the future. Knowing how to implement the changes needed is easy once you understand the process and patterns which lead to create Anxiety and be comfortable and leave behind the “What if’s”.
  • DEPRESSION- is based on the past, reliving the past and being unable to see the future with a positive mindset, ruminating thoughts can be debilitating and keep you stuck. Learn how to change the pattern leaving the past and using resources you have, to move forward to live in the present and implement forward-thinking and explore creating the future you desire.
  • PTSD- where past trauma can be related to the present through smell, sound, touch, taste and see. The trauma is a constant reminder and reliving the trauma over and over. The use of NLP and Hypnosis to distort the trauma and create distance from the trauma to the point of the trauma no longer having the relation to the present triggers creating dissociation to past trauma.

Who do I look forward to working with

Clients -Male, Female, between 25-60. Relationship issues, mid-life struggles, low self-esteem caregivers of others (elderly, disability, parenting children with learning difficulties)


What I provide is tailored specifically to your values and goals. Finding your specific blocks in belief systems that you can control to work on your goals and finding out the patterns and pillars that need to come down to achieve your desired outcome to make the changes required through different modalities being Clinical Hypnotherapy, Strategic Psychotherapy, NLP, or Time-Line Based Therapy to suit.

Validation and Case Study

The outcome of a single mother needing validation that she is a successful woman and mother- Instilled belief since she was 8yrs old she has be perfect the high expectations needing to win. Her culture a failed marriage, was unaccepted and unnurtured by her mother yet been respectful and their relationship felt inner conflict for past 2years, not being respectful to her own self needs. Learning to be independent, knowing after the session her emotions were overwhelming in her words of acknowledgement, “I will never forget the way you helped me validate that I will be a good example to my son and I have achieved moving to a new country to teach my son values to live a relaxed life for him, which is not accepted in my culture, now I feel a sense of comfort, less anxious to make my own choices and respect myself, thank you.”-YC 

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